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french speakers!

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Anyone know how to say "groomed daily" in french? I don't know what "groom" is... please help...
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Journal Toiletté according to Translator.com.
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You could say (Vous pourriez dire) :
journelment préparée
journelment soignée
ou bien
préparée chaque jour
ou encore
soignée chaque jour

Be wary of those double ées, b/c I never manage to get it right.
If you will use it in a plural form, then an s should be added to soignée/préparée (and the é should be dropped, I think)
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[img]smile.gif[/img] thanks
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I see I'm too late to help dmanrevived phrase his question correctly.

Of course you'll still need to understand their answer:
"Non" = No [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
The translation you gave is correct, if you're referring to personal grooming
If the French groom their runs with the same frequently as they bathe, then the answer will almost invariably be Non .
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"voolay voo kooshay ah-vek mwah, say sccchhhwwwaaaaaaahh?"

could come in handy, too.
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Sorry, sports fans:

groomed trails = des pistes damées

Edit: in the interest of world peace, I deleted a swipe at WTFH.

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Swipe away, please!

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The translation you gave is correct, if you're referring to personal grooming: "Have your pistes washed and shaved today?"

preparee is probably the best to use

Pronounced: 'pre' (short e, think "prep") 'par' (as in a golf course, but say the R from somewhere down your throat), 'ay' (as in day, pay, etc)

Hope this helps.

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