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Need New Skis ASAP. Are Bandits the Right ones for Me

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Alright, I need to get some new skis within ASAP otherwise funding runs out (long story). I am 5'10-5'11 180 lbs, and pretty strong. I go to school in nh so i ski alot in icey eastern conditions, but my family usually takes a week or two vacation out west (vail, alta, etc) so i also need a ski that can hit up the backside with ease. I can ski anything but want to find a ski that is a little easier in bumps since that is where i think I need to work on my speed through the bumps. I was thinking the Bandit X would be a good ski for me, but I am open to suggestions.

My Previous skis were a pair of Dynastar Speed SX which I loved, since they could hold onto anytihng and go anywhere, but again they werent the best for mastering the bumps.

Thanks for any help.
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I weigh in at about 150 and stand all of 5'8". If the Bandit X is your choice, it's a good one, with emphasis on the groomed - like your previous skis. That skied best for me in 177 cm. At your weight and strength, the 184 seems more likely. However, if you want one honey of a pair of skis that handles groomed just fine but is WAY better than the X on the back side and out west, then the Bandit XX is for you. That one would work for you in 177 cm. The strange thing is, I found the XX in 170 right for me and very, very quick. The same size in the X was too squirrelly, and the 177 was the right size - but it was not as quick as the 170 XX.

EDIT: P.S. The Bandit series is the same for this coming season as for last season, so it make be kind of difficult to get a deal on those this time of year - many places sold out of the XX last season. Also, if you get a Rossi ski, then get a Rossi binding such as the pivot heel type. That would extend the warranty anothe year, I'm told, and it's a great binding.

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The Atomic 9.12 (at 170cm for all mountain use) is on sale at Kitsap sports for $449.oo. http://www.kitsapsports.com/skiing/atomicski.html
Read Peter Keelty's review below.

Peter Keelty always has advise worth considering:
"Atomic last year introduced the BetaRaceCarv 9.12, a softer, wider, deeper side-cut version of the 9.16 race classic. Our first experience with the ski was nothing short of amazing. We first tested the 9.12 in January at Snowbird immediately following a huge Utah dump. That early in the game availability of sizing is a perennial problem and the only length we could get our hands on was 150. We were, to say the least, apprehensive. Our concern was replaced with whooping, hollering delight, however, after about two turns. This 150 was stable at serious speed, held like World Cup stock and proved capable of handling anything we threw at it. As we discovered later in the test cycle, hard snow and ice only improve the behavior of this amazing, nimble ski - also serviceable in the bumps. The 9.12 is a top-tier technical learning tool masquerading as an energetic fun ride.

Quick Take: Carve (5), skid (3), track (3), stable (5), holding (5), rebound (4)
Level: High intermediate through recreational expert
Sizes: 140, 150, 160, 170
Side cut: 115/65/100"
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The only ones that will be good for you are the ones that you put on your feet and try out!
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Join Peter Keelty's site and then e-mail him a question about the Bandit XX. He likes these skis.
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Assuming that demoing is not an option, both Peter Keelty's site and www.footloosesports.com at Mammoth have some good reviews. Footloose uses their staff to do their testing. I believe their reviews are only up for last season's models. You might be able to score an excellent pair of this past season's skis at bargain prices. Peter Keelty's site also has reviews for the last two seasons as well as for this upcoming one. I am not trying to talk you out of the Rossi's though, just suggesting that you broaden your search before finally deciding.

You will find that many here are partial to certain skis or brands. I am a longstanding Fischer ski guy myself. I started skiing on them on the East Coast though now ski mostly in the West. Since I didn't buy new skis this past season I can only suggest that you include them on your list of skis to think about.

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Peter Keelty lives and skis in Utah. I think you should buy a ski that will let you ski the bumps and everything else in the east. When you go out west, rent the right ski for doing backcountry runs. I think overall you will be happier. Vail has plenty of places to rent skis, and there is a great ski shop at Alta. Since Alta is now connected to Snowbird, I know for a fact in the lower level of the Cliffs lodge, they rent powder skis at about $30-40/day. Don't like a ski, then exchange it for another one the next day.

BTW for off piste skiing out west, the Bandit XXX might be a better choice, otherwise, the Bandits are not your best choice for bumps.

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Peter Keelty uses ordinary skiers - not Olympians or World Cup Racers - from more than one area to test skis. Believe it or not, even Utah ski areas can have ice or icey hardpack from time to time, including icey moguls. The fact that Peter lives and skis in Utah has no bearing on the utility of his evaluations of skis, because they are tested in a variety of conditions by a variety or skiers - ordinary skiers - in addition to the wringing out that Peter himself gives to them. I live and ski in Vermont and encounter all conditions. I am an average skier. Except on the exceptional "all ice all the time" kind of day when no model is good [except the shorty slaloms made for that, and ice skates], I have found the Rossignol Bandit XX to be an extraordinarily versatile, comfortable and easy ski - even in very hard and icey snow. It just so happens that true experts also like it.
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After reading Oboe's post and his affection for the Bandit XX, this is certainly a ski to demo. See if you can get connected with a ski shop that will give you a seasonal rental deal, one where you can try different skis during the up coming season. "Try'em before you buy'em !" This is always good advice.
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