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Ski Straps - Best Practices?

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A slightly esoteric question, but I've never heard a definitive answer, so why not - what's the best way to strap your skis to keep them in top shape?

There generally seem to be two methods:
a) One strap close to the top, one near the tail, so you have base contact points at the tips and tails, but the rest of the bases aren't touching (but kept close due to the brakes)

b) One strap just in front of the plate, one behind (with one optional near the tip). This one keeps the bases in contact for the length of the ski.

I've always thought that (b) was the superior method, given that you pretty much eliminate the chances of the any portion of the edges hitting in transport. I've heard people espouse the merits of (a) given that it eliminates the natural camber, but it's always seemed to me that would have a negligible effect even over several years, and you have an increased chance of edge on edge damage under foot.

Thoughts? Am I wrong and will leaving the skis flat totally screw with the camber?

Also, the accepted method for transporting speed event skis is in a ski tote bungee corded to the roof of a car with no cover right? :
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I like to strap my boards to the Grill.
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Kind of depends on what skis and type of travel. For a serious pair of competition skis and/or airline travel, a Beast or Swix base guard and strapped mid forebody and tail with brakes interlocked keeps the bases/edges from getting damaged during transport. I don't like leaving skis this way for extended periods of time, but for transport it works well. After arrival I release the straps and separate the skis.

Every-day skis and travel in a box or in-vehicle - just a couple of straps (tip and tail) with integrated rubber dividers between bases and the brakes lightly engaged.

Doubt this is "definitive", but it works for me.
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People say I always go overboard with straps but what I did with my skis was,

tip and tail, a little over the plate and under the plate and one square in the middle of the plate. I would have the breaks clipped... That was my race skis.

Trainers and such I would just use 3-4. Tip-Tail, over the plate and maybe middle of plate, depending on the ski.
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Mine go tip, tail, and in front of the plate. Structure guards for more aggressive travel (piled in the back of a team truck/van). I often leave the brakes up, but that's from forgetting or being too lazy to remove the rubber bands.
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Two good straps wherever they seem to work on that particular pair of skis. Padded roller bag for travel. I have base protectors but I'd have to suck a bunch less for me to consider using them again.
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Tips and tails.
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I use as many straps as it takes to keep the bases from touching each other. I am beginning to substitute Swix base gaurds in their place though.

I leave them strapped together at all times I am not using them, but I wonder if thats decambering my skis over time.
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