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Hey all....I am just returning to the forum now that my summer activities are about over and this is my first thread. Am I at the right place? What's with all the bashing? I don't remember that type of atmosphere here last season...that was at another forum.

Anyway...Trot - If you are a level 6 skiing the east IMO you should focus on improving your carving skills. The best ski for that would be a carving oriented ski or a low midfat that carves well. To really carve a wider ski you need to be able to put it and keep it on edge throughout the turn. That will be tougher for you until you kick up the skills a notch.

A 2 ski quiver is definitely doable for east coast too. Last season I started with just my Volkl 6 Stars. I added some Atomic M:EXs a month in. I took only my M:EXs to Crested Butte for 2 weeks. I skied them more often here when I got back. By the end of the season I was reaching for them 80% of the time. Or maybe that was the season before last??