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Sept 11 & one less instructor

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This months issue of the PSIA East contains a memorial for one of it's members, Jeremy Glick. He was on United flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania during the terrorist hijacking. He was the individual that was on his cell phone with his wife and announced they were going after those guys.

He was from Hewitt New Jersey and was an instructor at Ski Windam in New York's Catskills.
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My kinda man, this country needs more like him. He will be missed.
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There are people we can emulate - he's one. The man and his compatriates saved this nation from having its seat of government directly and savagely attacked - just imagine what could have happened. Think about it. If he could do that for his country, let's imagine what each of us can do for our country.
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Jeremy Glick is one of my all-time greatest heros. It's really cool to hear that he was a skier too.
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Absolutely! But it needs to start with the small stuff. I always found it sad that the police say if you are being attacked, yell "FIRE", because that is the only way people will get out of their house. We need to become a nation of people who know how to respond to the word, "HELP!"

As skiers, we have a relatively high tolerance for danger. As human beings who care for other human beings, we need to have the same tolerance.
Jeremy Glick would have wanted it that way.
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I was not fortunate enough to have met him, but it is obvious that he touched many lifes.

I was at a PSIA-E clinic after 9-11, and several members were discussing Jeremy. He was an instuctor at Windham, NY, and everyone was discussing how they could help in his name.

The next day in a totally different setting,at a Jewish Memorial Service, his name was specifically mentioned because of his contact and involvement with the community.

We are all members of many communities. Let us be as active and leave as memorable a trace in other' lives as Jeremy.
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As as one of the Windam folks, are there any plans to name a lift or a run after him?

Small tribute for so great a sacrifice.

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Um, I believe Kee Tov is a Windham girl!
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LM: Noted and amended..... but being past 50 I'm sure I'll forget again.... [img]redface.gif[/img]
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He's a hero. He probably saved the nation. Because had that plane hit the White House...

God bless his soul. I'll draw his name in the snow tomorrow.
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May he have endless pow days :
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Ah-hem, clear throat, stroke beard grown every ski season, taking a look at what I am wearing under my kilt.

Enough hints?

KeeTov is Stacey Robert Lazarus. Hopefully the middle name gives it away. What makes this household interesting is my wife has a masculine hyphenated last name she ALWAYS uses. Sherrill Murray-Lazarus.

We get intersting mail!!

Don't know what is being planned at Windham. If I hear, I will post it.
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SCSA thats a great idea....i am going to draw a big "Jeremy Glick" in the sand at the beach tomorrow
What a hero

(Lisamarie.... [img]redface.gif[/img] )

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Oh MY GOD!! Now I am REALLY EMBARASSED! It was the Stacey that confused me.

You do have a very "YIN" essence to your writing style!
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LM: Check Latin.... mEa .... culpa .... Mia was Woody's wife.
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Lisamarie-don't be embarrassed. My wife and I admit that we got married for very simple reasons. I do all the math in the house, and she does all the writing.Just kidding-23 years happily married.

Whenever I have to do the writing on my own, maybe my wife is "wearing off on me".

The ocnfusion is great when we have telemarketers calling!!
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