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I’m 5’7 and ~170 lbs. I ski almost everything but the ultra steep or ultra narrow stuff (read = cliffs, slots and tight trees). I spend about 60% of my time in NON groomed terrain, 30% in bumps and 10% elsewhere. I have a decent pair of all mountain skis (Dynastar 8000, L=172 cm, 116/80/102, R=19m, Solomon 912S bindings) that I use everywhere. They’re great in many places.

Last year I started skiing parks (pipes and jumps). This year I plan on doing much more of that. I was thinking about some K2 PE with Solomon STH16 for bindings. I’ve been trying to find information about them and searching here. It seems that some are saying that they ski longer than they measure. I was thinking 174 cm but now I’m thinking 169 cm. I don’t want them to be too short since I’ll probably ride the park half the day and the other stuff half the day.

What other park skis should I be looking at? What length?

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