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Boot suggestion please

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My feet:
Length: 27.5 (L); 28.5 (R)cm
Forefoot width: 10.5 cm
Instep circumference: 27cm
Heel width: 6.5cm
Narrowest ankle circumference: 21cm
Widest calf circumference: 34cm

I think I have low volume feet, no ?

Skiing: experienced skier, mostly on piste, no tricks or jumps.
Looking for: boot that will give me precise control (I dream of a bootthat fits like a glove...)

What didn't work: Head S9 29.0 (even with all the inserts, superfeet and extra 5mm sole).
- Width was OK
- but too much volume (instep and forefoot)
- had to buckle up too hard.

So, which boots should I be looking at, and in which sizes.

Best one I tried till now (in shop): Salomon Falcon.
Thinking also of Dalbello Krypton, but didn't find a shop carrying it till now.

Thanks a lot for your advice !
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Maybe try some Nordica Aggressors in the softer flex in a UK8. The Falcon and Krypton are nice boots too but there are narrower and lower volume ones out there if you need them. Make sure you shell fit and if you have a good fitter a tight shell fit can be sculpted to fit comfortably but snugly.

How tall are you? What bindings do you use? How much flexibility do you have in your ankles? I may have a couple other suggestions...
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I think a lot of the clue is in the dimemsions that you gave for your feet and the boot which did not work..... with one foot 27.5 and one 28.5, the last direction i would be looking would be to a 29!!!!

the S series boots are wide and fairly generous in volume, but when you are in a boot probably 2 shell sizes bigger than you need you are asking for the foot to move around and the result is having to fill it up with shims and over clip it... i would try the boot Bud suggestes or for a similar fit to the nordica look at the new Head Mojo pro [based on the raptor RS [98mm last] with a softer flex and a soft base board]
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Originally Posted by bud heishman View Post
How tall are you? What bindings do you use? How much flexibility do you have in your ankles? I may have a couple other suggestions...
To give you some more info:
I am 1m85 (6'1"?), fairly light (70 kg) and ski a pair of Head iXRC800's with RFD14 bindings.
I don't really know how to evaluate my ankle flexibility...

Do I understand I right that my smaller left should be the reference for fitting, having the right boot worked ?

Thx !
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When sizing a boot, it is a safe bet to go down one shell size from any boot manufacturer and in some models, down two shell sizes for a snug fit. So to answer your question, I am actually referencing your larger foot.

A basic test you can do for ankle flexion is place your feet on the floor while seated with your tib/fibs vertical and lift your forefoot as far as possible off the floor. Look at the gap under your met heads. In general if you have less than 2 cm you have limited flexion, 3-4 cm average, over that, above average.
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Thx Bud !

Seems I have average flexion.
With the S9's, I preferred the lowest flexion setting.

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I take back my suggestion about the Nordica Aggressor, I meant the Doberman Pro 100. This boot has a 98mm forefoot and a good close fit, a little closer than the Falcon. The Doby is also a little more upright. I am not too familiar with the Heads but trust CEM's suggestion.
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Thx for the advice.

Not sure I'm going to find a shop carrying Nordica, are there models from other brands I should be looking at (Rossi, Technica, Fischer, Atomic, Lange, ...) ?
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The Atomic RT CS 100 may be a good option? I would not suggest a Tecnica for your feet and stature.
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Bud is correct about sizing. Can't always size to the smaller foot but in your case 29 is bigger than your largest foot. So don't go bigger than 28.

Agree you aren't carrying extra pounds but will also say that Raptor 120 flexes softer than the number implies. I skied it for the entire months of March and April last season. You might look at it.
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Tried these...

Well, I've been trying some boots.
Unfortunately, I didn't find all the boots that were suggested...

Salomon Gun (they didn't have the Falcons in a 28):
- boot that really wraps around my feet, even without closing the buckles;
- has a narrow heelpocket, which is good;
- unfortunately too narrow in the forefoot;
- got numb feet after a couple of minutes....

Head Raptor
- stiff as hell;
- too much of a competition race boot for my doings...

I finally bumped on a pair of 2005 Salomon Crossmax 10.0:
- width seems very OK;
- have some doubts about the instep height (are these high volume boots);
- really like the narrow heelpocket;
- seem to flex as I like it.

I bought these and am going to try them on the following few days (I can return them within 2 weeks).

My questions:
- any more info on the Salomon Crossmax's ?
- should I not consider the Falcon's at all or give them another try ?

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Buy the Gun and have the forefoot blown out
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Flexons an option

Thx for the answers Lou.

Didn't buy anything yet, still looking around.
Tried a pair of Full Tilt Bumble Bee Pro's Today (28.0).
Pretty snug fit (verrrry snug for my bigger right foot).
From all the boots I tried until now (see above) the best fitting.

What I didn't like:
- forward lean. Even just standing I found that my knees were bending quite a lot, flexing forward it seemed almost ridiculous... Should this be something to worry about ?

- A bit tight in the forefoot (width), but this could be worked.

I am now down to 2 boots: the guns/falcons and the Full Tilts.

The experience with the full tilt makes me want to try the Dalbello Krypton Pro, but no local shop is carrying these.

Thinking of ordering them online, just to try them. How would they compare to the full tilts ? If a Full Tilt and Gun fit me right in 28.0, should I look into the same size for the Kryptons ?

Thx again.
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Forward lean is definitely something to pay attention to. It affects your static position, your ability to move through full range of motion and your balance.

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Atomic ?

Tried a pair of Atomic M:9's today (2006 model ?).

Really nice fit overall, especially in the mid-foot area. Almost no heel lift !
Unfortunately, something didn't seem to work with the flex of one of the 2 boots (didn't flex) and the guy in the shop didn't want to check the reason for this.

Of the 4-buckle boots I have tried until now, these Atomics fit best, although I was a little worried about the fact that I was almost at the end of the forefoot buckles...

Tried the Salomon Falcon 9's again, and was disappointed (heel lift...).

What other Atomic models could I be looking at, and what are the differences (B-tech, M-tech ?).

Or am I looking in the wrong direction ?

(Really sad to notice how poor advice I get in most of the shops...)

Thx again...
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Found !

Just to give some feedback (for people with the same feet...): finally bought the Atomic M:9's. :

- Very tight fit around the calf-heel-midfoot area.
- But comfortable in the toe area.
- Of all the boots I tried, these were the only ones where my heel didn't lift at all and I had the feeling they had the right shape for my foot.

Although I got my mind set on Falcon/Guns, I retried them and still found I had too much heel-lift (even with some heel-lifts inserted), in combination with too much pressure in the mid-and forefoot area. In comparison with the Atomics they also don't have a snug enough heel fit.

Other boots I tried:
- Lange FR110 (heel lift, too narrow);
- Nordica Doberman (heel lift, narrow);
- Nordica Speedmachine (too much volume overall);
- Salomon Falcon 9 and 10 (see above);
- Salomon Gun (see above);
- Head Raptor (too much of a raceboot, hard as hell);
- Full Tilt (overall snug fit, but quite narrow in the forefoot, didn't like the ramp angle);
- Atomic Hawx (too much volume);
- Dalbello Krypton Cross (not my size!).

I am somewhat disappointed that I wasn't able to try the Kryptons in my size, but I sticked to the boots I was able to try and decided against taking the risk of ordering online and hoping things would turn out right.

So, people with the same foot type as mine (normal width but low instep, low volume rear foot and low volume lower leg): try on some Atomics (M-tech or Race-tech) in your quest for the boots that suit.

Thx all for the advice !
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