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Thanks for the talking-to. You know that cliche about how the shoemaker's children go barefoot? Well, guess what my Dad did? No, he wasn't a PT, but an MD. A couple of years ago he fell and broke his hip. In the Emergency Room, the physician asked what prescriptions he was taking. None. Who's your family doctor? No one.

My Dad was 76 at the time.

A few years ago I asked him if he ever got a check-up. He said, "Why go looking for trouble?"

I grew up with the philosophy that hospitals are not good places to hang around--there are sick people there; that "if it hurts when you do that" stop doing that; and that there's little in the world that duct tape can't mend or aspirin can't cure.

My main fear is not having full use of the arm again. This will give me a great excuse for my lousy left pole timing, but I had really wanted to fix that this season (I have said that every summer since 1980).

I will back off on the weight-bearing, and focus on increasing the range of motion.

Thanks for your concern. I have a trip booked in January to ski at Galena--a couple of weeks before the Utah trip. El Nino usually brings abundant snows to the Columbia Mountains of B.C.

HeeHee! I foresee an EPIC winter.
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Nolo, check back late tonight, I have stuff in my bookmarks at home. I'll post in health and Fitness as a separate topic, since D-chan says that it helps the search feature function better.
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Thank you, ma'am.

I give you Exhibit A: EpicSki is TOO a community, and a dang good one!
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I've lost about 100' of driving distance.
So I guess that's your excuse for hitting from the ladies tee?

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I only hit from the reds when I am playing with ladies or men who insist.

I am lucky to par one hole per round from the whites, but if I get a better score than the people I am playing with, I want to know I won.

Losing from the reds would compound the loss.

Have you seen Robin Williams's HBO special? He has a brilliant segment on the invention of the game of golf...
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I always play from the back tee’s. I play my second shot from the ladies tee.

I’m happy when I get the ball in the fairway!

What’s par?

Haven’t seen the Robin Williams bit. I’ll have to check it out.
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Originally posted by nolo:
Thank you, ma'am.

I give you Exhibit A: EpicSki is TOO a community, and a dang good one!
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Golf spelled backwards is FLOG!!!

An apt description.
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Here I am preparing to let summer be summer.

Tinkerbell helping.
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Drunk yet?

[ July 22, 2002, 11:07 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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As drunk as a guy needs to be to take pictures of himself and his fou fou dog cleaning his boat in the driveway.... :
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.....and Mr. Slipper's imbibes too in honor of summer.....a man, his fou fou dog, his rabbit and a case of beer. Sounds like the makings of a "B" movie to me.

[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QAAAAIcXpvxeu8!kP*YfPlCC628X8pMCtNfOr0EQrlqDZPxPI gf7AA*b2spaSky9XsMYyzOaA11YI04uK4slw8V!qzlr6vrGaQB uAC4AcAA/MrSlippersbeer.jpg[/img]
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Summer is what makes the skiing so great.

Those long hot days with your pals round the barby, or riding coastal bike tracks, or playing 2 rounds of golf till 9.30pm, or swimming at the local beach, or eating 10 cent avocados and strawberries all day - they are all the torments we must go through each year to appreciate the wonderful gift of snow and skiing.
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Having a bit of difficulty spotting the difference between "winter" and "summer" around here at the moment...
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As my contribution to the discussion about summer beer drinking, here's a photo of me on the way down to the beer cache on June 29. Mass quantities of beer are buried in the snow down there at the bottom...

We had a pretty large group of people who think summer is *okay*, but you definitely shouldn't lose track of your priorities (skiing and beer).

AltaSkier was there, too.

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Hey Bob, yes, I will back you up on the fact that beer is burried in the snow at the bottom. It was niiiiccccceee there. Thanks again for inviting me!

Did Andrew ever do anything with his pictures?
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Great photo, Bob. Nice form! Excellent logistics.
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Thanks for the compliment. Just goes to show that for 1/200 of a second I was able to not look like the bumbling idiot I normally am. The camera usually isn't so kind to me.


It was fun to have you along. Andrew said he didn't really get enough good shots to warrant a new site on Pawprince. Bummer.

Ruth got a killer shot (on film) of Sean. I'll scan and post it one of these days. I'd like to hear the BB technical analysts go to work on what his skiing looks like.

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