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Let summer be summer

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All around the forums, people are bemoaning the fact that they can't go skiing, and the general atmosphere around here is as prickly as the heat.

The advice goes, if you don't like your situation, you have two choices. 1) Change your situation--go to Timberline, SA, or the Kiwi Alps. 2) Change your attitude about it.

Well, I like summer. I like the weather, the activities, the slower pace. I am not crazy about skiing the same snow over and over again. To me, that's exercise, not sport.

Don't get me wrong, it's fine with me that people take summer ski vacations, attend Timberline camps, etc. I have never had the slightest desire to do so because I like to swim in summer and ski in winter.
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Me too Nolo! Summer is precious. It goes so quickly. I never get in all I want to do. As it is probably only 1 or 2 weekends left to water ski. Really want to improve my mtn bike skills. Many hikes to take, lunches at the Tiki Bar. Summer always makes me feel like a kid, its playtime!

Soon enough will be that deary month of October. What do ppl do in October?
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And I get to play with those friends that do not ski!
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What do you mean 2 weeks left to waterski?
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Denver wants the water for their lawns.
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It was 107 in Salt Lake on Saturday, hottest day in SLC history. Some schmuck hit the power pole infront of my condo at 6:30 am, power was out until 11:30 that night. Hottest day in history and me with no AC. The mountains were on fire, because somebody felt that was a good idea. Just couldn't find my way out of the heat.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer. I enjoy the opertunity to get into the snowless hills and mountain bike, backpack, climb and other great things. However, I love winter, I am a winter person. Snow is great, cold is fine by me.

Skiing is why I live in Utah. I needed this summer to allow muscles and joints to heal. My body could not handle a longer winter, skiing is not easy on the human body. So I was glad when summer finially arrived, but I can't wait until winter.

Does any of this make sense?

So while you enjoy summer, I will continue to look forward to winter. Because this is paradise to me:

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Anyone else using the summer to recuperate from skiing injuries, stresses, and strains?

I partially tore my rotator cuff by winging a tree in Canada. It's playing havoc with my golf swing and my Australian crawl. I hear from my medical friends that with the shoulder, it's definitely rehab it or lose full function forever.
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Originally posted by nolo:
Anyone else using the summer to recuperate from skiing injuries, stresses, and strains?
What ski injury?

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Originally posted by milesb:
What do you mean 2 weeks left to waterski?
Lots of time for everyone else. Just scheduling conflicts. We go to Glendo WY its about a 3 hour drive. Only 2 weekends that we do not have out of town visitors coming to visit. I'd haul them along but they are coming for the mtns. So to the hills we go. Actually I like them to come in the summer, less waiting around while they get it together to ski! [img]smile.gif[/img]

I hear you about the heat and fires Altaskier. The temp on my car read 103 yesterday! Now the offical temp was 94, but who lives out by that airport anyway? Supposed to be hotter still today, we never have AC.
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Take a poll.
Who likes summer?
Who dislikes summer?
Who HATES summer?
Who has marginal tolerance for summer?
Who thinks summer's the best thing since sliced winter?
Who used to like summer more than they like summer now, like back in the good ol' days of epicski?
Who remembers the "'Summer of '42"?
Who doesn't?
Why not?
Who's found ski poles (or gloves or skis...) in the summer that they lost in the winter?
Who's seen the movie "Endless Summer"?
If summer left spring at 4pm on an eastbound train leaving Cleveland, Ohio, and going 45 mph, what time would summer meet winter if winter left fall from Pensacola, Florida, at 8pm* on a train traveling at 47 mph?

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Well I'm sure as heck glad that someone else brought up this topic....

One of the many reasons I got into skiing was that our gym manager was teasing me about my Seasonal Affected Disorder.

There is no way I'm going to reverse the syndrome, and start going into depression over the summer.

This is a rude thing to say, but people who use the lack of snow as an excuse to get cranky on message forums seriously need to get a life.

Or else, get yourselves to the Health and Fitness Forum and learn about some injury prevention, or else we are going to have another fiasco year of how many injured Bears?? WAY too many!

Nolo, in answer to your question, I don't use the summer to rehab injuries because I don't get them.

Regarding your rotator cuff injury, rehab is a must, basically, in most cases, rotator cuff injuries are considered permanent.
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So I'll watch the snow come calling
And I'll celebrate the spring
I'll feel the falls keep falling
And when the summers come
I will pretend that I don't notice
That this is when I notice most of all
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rotator cuff injuries are considered permanent
Are you saying what I think you're saying? No more standing at the top of the podium at swim meets? No more "longest drive" prizes?

There goes all that good feeling I had for summer! My left arm never did contribute much to my skiing, so bring on winter!
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Interesting thread, Nolo!

I did what many around here would dream of. I went 11 years with no(minimal) summer, while I was coaching in NZ. It was an injury which finally ended that run.
But when it did end, what a shock! What the heck is a mtn bike? In-line skates? Kayak?

I was so busy skiing, I had forgotten a very special part of life. Warmth! What a concept!

I will always look back on my summer skiing with great fondness, but I've had enough. Now I use my other toys to make sure that I'm in shape to endure another season here at home.

Everybody should try skiing a summer, just for the experience. For the pro's, you will learn more about yourself as a pro than you might believe. And you will become better for it!
For the recreational skier, you will learn alot about skiing- in the heat, in the slush, in the rain, in the fog, on the ice, etc. And you will have to improve, if just to survive!

But for now- it's great to get a tan, feel the warmth all the way to my bones, and not have to wear 18 layers of waterproof material to stay dry!

It took awhile, but I am sure glad I re-discovered summer!

: : :
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All these heavy discussions about wedge turns have really made me tired. Man, I need to recuperate, get into rehab.

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Originally posted by SCSA:
All these heavy discussions about wedge turns have really made me tired. Man, I need to recuperate, get into rehab.

Don't give up now, for God's sake pull your feet together man.

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Ya made my day!
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Winter North

Winter South

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
What ski injury?

One leg looks longer than the other......

Edit: since you MUST know - I fixed the quote block

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Originally posted by Sugar_Snack:
One leg looks longer than the other......
OK, Einstein... which leg was broken?


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[quote]Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
OK, Einstein... which leg was broken?

Same one I broke
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$.02 about rotator cuff

My rotator cuff was badly torn back in early Feb. Lost about %50 function of it, all of it in pain. Required surgery. I had to wait a month for the surgeon (also needed hand repaired). Anyway, all went well with the repair job and back to %95 mobility and improving at %80 strength 4 months post surgey (with intensive PT).
It wan't as bad as I had projeted. :
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Thanks for the info about your rotator cuff injury. Mine seems to be improving, but I can't raise my arm straight up above my head and I've lost about 100' of driving distance.
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Ah, is there anything as sweet as summer days in the Colorado mountains? Impossibly blue skies and puffy white clouds. Babbling mountain streams (well most years) and fields of wildflowers.

Right now we're in that ever so short a period when there is no early morning frost. Maybe 30 to 40 days a year. Beautiful mornings and evenings caressed by a special softness.

But soon August will announce change is in the air as the grass is lightly frosted. September will tease us with a day or two of early snow. October will frost the high peaks and bring the roar of the Guns of Autumn. November will bring the return of the "Ribbon of Death" as last years mind meets this seasons legs.

Summer is fleeting, enjoy it while you can.
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Just to clarify, in most cases, bone heals a good deal better than muscle, tendon or ligament. Although you may feel no pain, keep in mind that this area is susceptible to re-injury.

I always have the fleeting suscipcion that one of the reasons this area either gets hurt so often is that both the therapeutic and preventative exercises are, well boring. Let me know if you need some ideas, but most PTs give the same old stuff.

Now, ACLS and low back, you get into some exciting PT exercises.
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Thanks Nolo, nice thought.
That's why I like to live here where I live (despite the bloody pollution and traffic problems that every one that works a/o live in Milan experiences every day)
From 40 minutes to a 4 Hrs drive and I can ski
2 1/2 hours and I'm on the the Mediterranean sea
30 minutes, and I'm by the shores of a lake
Can take full advantage of both seasons...
Alas this summer isn't much of a summer!
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I saw a local GP about my injury two months after it occurred when the pain wouldn't go away. He said, You want me to send you to an orthopedist? I said no, give me a shot of cortisone. He said no, not a good idea, but a shot of glucose is supposed to work pretty good. So I got the shot of glucose and after a couple of weeks I was able to start PT. PT is my own invention, since if there's a PT in these parts, I have a feeling the experience is in geriatrics and not sports medicine. Last week I thought hanging from the monkey bars might be a way to get the arm straight. Man!!! That really hurt.

So, yeah, LM, I am looking for some bona fide exercises. I would be most appreciative, as I'm going to the lake next week and I plan to water ski, wakeboard, and swim for miles.
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Nolo, yer scarin the bejesus out of me with your last post. Was that humor or real. Unless you've been doing consistent rehab with great results, like 90% strength and mobility, the last thing you should be doing is hanging from monkey bars on a partially recovered rotator cuff, let alone considering waterskiing or wakeboarding. I had surgery on my left shoulder for a complete shoulder separation and dislocate( which resulted in rotator cuff injury) and it took ages to actually recupe to a point of not having to be "concious" of it and be confident of it's strength. The initial rehab was all about regaining motion without taxing or further injuring the healing tissue. Real strength training and activities didn't start until the area was free of atrophy and well on the way to recovery. Be cautious with impatience and overestimation of what you "should" be able to do!! If you can't relaxedly raise your arm over your head without pain and the feeling of joint insecurity, please don't do an activity that has great potential for doing that exact thing with violent force,i.e. waterskiing etc. I nearly blanched when I visualized that with how I remember my injury feeling. I would be really pissed at you if something like this prevented you from posting more beautiful Canadien Rockies turns next season! If I over-reacted to your post, or if it's a humorous blurb that I took too seriously, I appoligize [img]tongue.gif[/img] . Just don't let present frustration with limitations turn your current 'temporary' problem into an ongoing pain in the ass for years to come. Absolutely pick Lisa's brain for all the tidbits you can, rehab on your own can be a tough thing to keep in perspective as well as keep fresh and progressive. Good Luck and take your time!!!

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Now, as far as the actual topic of this thread. As much as I love winter and skiing, it's only a smidgen less that I enjoy summers in Michigan. If this state had Mountains I'd be hard pressed to find many reasons to go elsewhere. Camping, oceans of fresh water and thousands of smaller land locked lakes and streams, superb hiking,windsurfing,diving, dunes(real ones), trees and untracked forest and wilderness, great fishing, waterfalls, whitewater, Golf Galore of every type, very little "development" once you get into the northern L.P. and we won't even use the "D" word in association with the U.P. Hmmm, perhaps I should be working for the C of C or Michigan Tourism Dept. Anyway, my primary passion is skiing but that doesn't get in the way of my appreciation of what summer can offer. Why bum out about lack of snow when there are so many things to do that will increase your enjoyment and ability in the upcoming winter season?( this said by a classic ski jonesing junky!) I really enjoy the cycle of seasons and relish the changes in not only the climate, but, the changes it brings out in me as well. Living in a zone that doesn't have the extremes of weather and climate changes interests me not a bit. That having been said, Pray for Snow!!

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Summer is different than winter. But no better.

I hate it when the grassy areas look like an inviting place to take a nap, but the bugs and wet ground make it not so.

In winter, you know what your getting!

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