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Help me - Karma sizing

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I've won an auction on ebay for a pair of Karmas in 161 cm.
My thoughts were:
1- Wow, that's a bargain, brand new '07 karmas, auction closes in less of 2 hours, quick ! Bid, bid, bid... Yeees !
2 -That it could be used by my son or my wife. Both maybe, with a demo binding.

My son : 11, 88 lbs, 5'3". Strong skier, like to go fast, to jump, to get on the other side of the ropes, would love to hit the park (but I'm reluctant to see him crush his back so soon) and occasionaly ski switch and throw 360. You got the picture.
My wife : 38,5'5'', 120 lbs (that's what she says anyway) very good skier, but not aggressive anymore (used to race). Loves challenging terrain, that she will ski smoothly but not too fast. Has a unhealthy love for moguls. No bikini shots.

I'm starting to think that the 161 Karmas could be too stiff for PhilippeR Jr. and too short for Mrs PhilippeR. I could resell the ski without financial loss (the price was nice), but I need to know.

Any ideas ?

Edit :
Yes, I've used the search function. What I read makes me think too short / too stiff.
Terrain : French alps mostly (Tignes / Val d'Isère), side trips to the Pyrénées.
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It can't hurt to try them. What are thier boot sizes. Can you mount them so both can try them.

I'd say they are probably better for your wife, but PhillipeJr might do fine on them. If he skis like you say, I'd try and find him a pair of the Dynastar Troubled Youths.
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I'm 5'6", 125 lbs. I skied the Karma in 169 and loved it. It does ski short, so a 161 may be a tad short for her, but then she may get on them and like it.

As for Jr, I'm confident he won't be bending them but he may grow into them in a short time.
Either way, the karma is a ton of fun.
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I will have to mount a demo binding for the both of them to try it. Jr has now bigger feet than his mother, probably 2 sizes bigger.
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The culprits (camera phone pic).

He didn't get a chance to try them.
She said they're fun as hell, though a few extra inches would have been nice. Great in the bumps, swift but stable. Surprisingly good on hard pack. She'll keep them !
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I told ya so!!!
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yeah, the Karma ran hella short.

i bought 177's and after season was wishing for the added 8cm of the 185 (which is really a 181!--measured it against my 181 Titan 9's, which have since replaced my 177 Karmas). Versatile ski for groomer, bumps, and light crust on fluff/windbuff terrain. Not super great for anything deeper than your ankle, though.

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Nice pic, is this VdI? How are the off piste conditions...I am booked to be there 12-19th Jan doing some guided skiing with TopSki. Cheers.
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Originally Posted by crashhelmet View Post
Nice pic, is this VdI? How are the off piste conditions...I am booked to be there 12-19th Jan doing some guided skiing with TopSki. Cheers.
Yes it is.

Conditions were mixed : Much better cover than the last 2 years for the same period, but no fresh snow in 3 weeks (just 3 or 4 inches on the 30/12).
= No pow and some rocky spots. But very stable conditions and mostly adequete cover to go ski most of the major routes.

Last week-end saw one foot of fresh. And more is too be expected this week. You should enjoy very different conditions (and expect some instability). That should be good.

Will it be you first time in Tignes / Val d'I ? Enjoy your time there !

As seen below the Aiguille Percée near the patrol hut, in Tignes (Patrol had some time to spare...) :
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The only way

So who will be better off on the ski's, there is only one way to find out.

1. Place ski's on chop saw
2. Put on safety goggles (safety first kids)
3. Turn on saw
4. Start to lower blade
ok, the heat is on. Whoever steps fowards and says they can't bear to witness such an atrocity just let mom/son have the ski's. They deserve the skis. If no one steps froward Ebay those stix.
5. ski fast live forever (the what the bus driver in Vail said"
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Be careful anyway, crashhelmet.

A snowboarder has been killed off-piste in Tignes by an avalanche yesterday. The avalanche occurred in the Tufs couloir in the Toviere sector above Tignes le Lac. With light snow and poor visibility the conditions were marginal at the time of the accident according to rescuers from specialized mountain police units of the CRS des Alpes based in Courchevel. The victim was buried under 150cm of snow.

Tufs couloirs

Fabrice Vion, brigadier with the CRS, explained that the two boarders were properly equipped with beacons and shovels but the depth of burial and the size of shovel meant that the time taken to recover the victim was significant. The Tufs sector is avalanche prone with the added danger of the lake under part of the slope. Within meters of the ski runs and Toviere lift it has been the scene of numerous fatal avalanches.
The 32 year old man had been located and partially dug out by a friend but in a state of cardio-vascular arrest by the time members of the piste patrol from Tignes arrived on the scene. The man, a British national, was a season worker at one of the Tignes hotels. There had been significant snow at altitude on Monday. The risk profile is split into two with a significant increase in risk as skiers progress above the recent snowline of 2000-2200 meters. At the time of the incident the overall risk was Considerable (3/5) above 2200 meters with skiers triggered avalanches are likely especially in known avalanche spots. There were 60 natural avalanches recorded in the Savoie over Monday by the piste patrols with skier trigged slides on West, North-West ans South sector slopes during Tuesday. Some of the avalanches were significant, 100cm in depth. Although the base is generally stable the lack of snow since mid-December had left a hard sliding surface. Strong winds and fresh snow at the start of the week formed new slabs on this sliding surface.
There have been two avalanche fatalities since Saturday bringing to five the overall number of avalanche deaths since the start of the season

The TopSki guys know their stuff, but the Espace Killy can be quite tricky.
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