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Skis for my boy

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My son is 10 yrs old, 5ft tall 105 lbs. He's been skiing since he was 3 and participates in the great Development program at Mt. Snow. He's not the fastest in his group and he's not the best on bumps, but he really enjoys them, along with the occasional forays into the trees.

We rent skis and boots for him every year because the kid won't stop growing. I'm thinking htat the standard rentals might not be enough ski for him anymore, and I'd like to upgrade him to gear that will help him take it to the next level. Anyway... are there any resources out there that rate junior skis the way they do adult skis? Will he notice the difference?
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There's a kids' discussion that may get you better responses.

That said, I also have a 10 year old who rips. And yes, he will notice the difference between a ski intended for beginners and one intended for advanced kids. Edge hold should improve immensely, as should stability at speed.

My daughter switched from 120 Rossi Xis to 136 K2 Apache Jrs in February 2006, and her coach sought me out at the end of her first day to tell me how much her turns -- and confidence -- had improved in just one day. Those have been her primary skis since then, and they were so good for her that I bought 146s and 153s for her to grow into. Don't buy the 2008 model, which is just a relabeled beginner/intermediate ski.

She also has 136 K2 Mini Enemies for softer snow days, but will be sporting 143 Line Celebrity Minis for that this year (the boys' equivalent is the Invader Mini). Line's junior skis are exceptionally well made for kids' skis. And several stores (including evogear) appear to still have past seasons' inventory for a good price.

Other good all-mountain options include Rossignol Bandit Jrs. Sturtevants was clearing out their rental fleet on eBay and through their store earlier this year, and that may be a good option for him. (I bought 118s and 128s for my seven-year-old boys.)

For bindings, I'd suggest either the Look/Rossi 2-7 DIN series or the Tyrolia.
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Thanks. I've reposted on the family ski forum.

I'll look into those skis. One local ski shop has Fischer RX4's, and another has a pair of used Volkl AC Unlimited JRs. I'm kinda partial to Volkls since I rented 724 EXTs 5 years ago on a trip out west.
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I don't know the Fischers, but I believe that the AC Unlimited Jr is a beginner/intermediate ski.
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