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Heard on the lift...

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Hi people,

What are all the SHORT things all of us have said or heard while riding up on chairlifts? This is talk which is common to all here and are not unique to specific groups or locals. Anyone can have the latter thread somewhere else. This does not include things heard in the lift line which is another thread today. -dave

r1How ya doin?
r2:I'm ready to rip.
r3How's the skiing?
r4:Awesome Man.
r5:Do you work here?
r6:How's the snow?
r7:Is it open?
r8:You been on the back side?
r9:How's the lift line?
r10:How long you've been skiing?
r11:Your pocket's open.
r12:Do you like those skis?
r13:What length?
r14:That guys out of control.
r15:Why's this chair stopping again?[disgusted]
r16Why is this lift so slow?[disgusted]
r17:Let's do some bumps.
r18:I'm taking the groomed.
r19:Let's take a run.
r20:Pull up the bar.
r21:Are you going right?
r22:Are you going left?

Terrain comments on the lift:

t1:Snow's better at the top. is really steep
t3It's all bumped out

Weather comments on the lift:

w1:It' raining at the bottom.
w2:The top is really windy.
w3:It's getting really windy.
w4:It's on wind hold.
w5:It's starting to lighten up.
w6:This weather sucks!
w7:How's the wind?
w8:Snow's really coming down now.

Comments on gear and body:

g1:My feet are frozen.
g2:...hands are getting cold
g3:...feet are getting cold.
g4:Gotta adjust my boots.
g5:My boots are too tight.
g6:I gotta loosen my boots.
g7:My boots are killing me.

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Flat light at the top.
Freezing Rain on the Goggles.
It's starting to Rain.
The Wind is blowing up the hill.
Are you a Local?
Where's the best skiing?
Are those next years skis?
Is it going to snow tonight.
I am vacationing alone.
Where's the hot spots in town?
What's the name of this run?
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"hi, carl? bob here. ya hear me okay? no, it's a little staticky. no, i've had crappyi said i've had crappy reception since i left the airport.
yeah. oh, it's good enough. a little crunchy but it's early in the day. just a sec, carl. thanks.


'scuse me, you don't mind me using my cellphone all the way up, talking about things i could easily talk about later, elsewhere, like the dinner i had last night, or the giants game, DO YOU?"
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Out West.

"Oh, you're from Parma! Can I see your white socks?"
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1. "Dude!"
2. "Dude?"
3. "Duuuude"
4. "Whoops"
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If anybody else here but me gets that reference I want to know! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Ohhhhh MYYY GOOOOOODD! That's got to hurt!
Can you really stay warm in that Starter Jacket?
Does smoking a cigarette before skiing really help?
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"Gee, I haven't seen a pair of them in a long time."

" clunk "

(The sound of of my head being bonked by an over zealous skier who has to have the safety bar down before we leave the ground, me = 6'3)
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Exit 154:
"Gee, I haven't seen a pair of them in a long time."

" clunk "

(The sound of of my head being bonked by an over zealous skier who has to have the safety bar down before we leave the ground, me = 6'3)
Been there. How considerate.

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Wanna hit?
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JimmyD and Powdigger, I live close enough to Parma so that I'm wearing my white socks now, just in case
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by milesb:
Wanna hit?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Do you smell that?
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At Boston Mills,:
"Hi, how are you?"
Answer: "Too late, I'll tell you next ride up".

Out West:

I'm from Texas.
Is that a German accent I detect?
My great-grandfather on my grandmother's side from her third husband was German.
I'm from Texas.
If you ski across the Alps from Italy, can you ski right into Australia?
How do you say Schnaps in German?
I'm from Texas.
Is everybody in Germany Amish?
Your skis are kind of long, are you that tall?
I'm from Texas, see you!

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Everythings BIG in Texas.
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: "Is this the only way down?"

good answer:

"Nah, there's plenty of gentler terrain to your right."

bad answer:

"yes, but its not nearly as bad as it looks, he he."

malevolent answer:

"yea, if you just stay on the lift though, it will take you back around to the bottom."

[Rentals, starter jacket, just got on lift with big yellow board saying "Warning: this lift serves expert terrain only."]

: "So, how's the skiing up here?"

good answer:

"Um dude, I'd check in with ski patrol at the top. You might want to backload."

bad answer:

"Not too bad, hope you have a good side-slip."

malevolent answer:

"No worries, just do what we do: point 'em and pray."
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Out West

"Ya'll from 'round here?"

Out East

"Doesn't the lack of nightlife kill you up here?"

Out West

"I'm with a church group"

Out East

"I'm a lawyer"

Far West



"You smmmooooke?" (with a 'nudge 'nudge and knowing look)

"Man, those are long skis"

"Man, those are short skis"

"Man, those are skinny skis"

"Man, those are fat skis"
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Exit 154

In the past two years I have been hit hard on the top of my head when these anxious people grab the damn thing, which I normally ignore, and yank it down. If I wasn't wearing my helmet I would have been out cold falling face first into the snow.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Todd Murchison:
"Man, those are ____ skis"

How true. And:

"Aren't you skiing those pretty long?"

"Aren't you skiing those pretty short?"

(same skis)
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"So, what do you do for a living?"

(I don't know why I get that question almost every time I'm by myself and another person joins me--maybe I look poor, or out of place, or just plain....too happy?)
"The site where obsession is more or less a way of life"-->
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The one that hurt. Rode up a triplet with two teenage girls:

"Volants? Hey, my mother skis those"
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Hey - maybe her mother was on the USST or a PSIA Examiner or something! One can hope! :
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Heard on ski lifts: Ski here often?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>"So, what do you do for a living?" I don't know why I get that question almost every time...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Heard on ski lifts: Ski here often?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yup Lisa I hear that one a lot which usually leads to terrain advice.

Oh yeah. Most common question I get (maybe too much duct tape?) is the "Do you work here?". Since as an honest guy I always say not, I wonder what are the follow up questions. So what do they ask next you resort locals? -dave :
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Know where I can get a good beer around here?

I can't believe he saved that. I thought he was toast for sure.

Check HER out!

Know how to get to that lodge that sells the sushi?(Whistler)

Got anything to eat in one of those 25 pockets?

Gotta head in to refill the Camelback.

Am I the only one who can't feel fingers and toes anymore?

What're we doing tonight?

Glad I had this helmet on, or else...
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...a few more -dave [img]smile.gif[/img]

Where do you want to ski?(to bud)
What's the easiest way down?
Lot of people here today.
Place is pretty empty today.
When do you want to go to lunch?(about 11:30am)
Let's take a late lunch. (powder day)
How long do you want to ski.(when its 2pm and you're already tired)
Did you ski here yesterday?
(Sometimes my own question when yesterday was a powder day and I'm wondering if parts of the mountain were closed and thus are still untracked)
You been up top today?
(A common question on a storm skiing day particularly if it is windy.)
You skiing tomorrow?(between locals)
STOP swinging your feet.(Mom to kid)
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