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Jackson Hole - Grand Slam

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Has anyone ever heard of this or even been a part of it? Was thinking about maybe doing it this winter. Love to hear your thoughts!


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Denny's got nothin on that.

Now thats yummy !
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Dang. that's a pretty good deal! I'd jump on that one if I could. I never heard of any cat skiing around Jackson though.
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Grand Targhee has had snowcat skiing for years on the peak next to Fred's. The heliskiig and bc parts of the package are awesome. High Mountain has also been doing their thing for a longtime as well.
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I had never even heard of that package. Every component of it could be absolutely excellent.

Nice find!
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They have been offering this package at least a couple years. They were listing it over at Teton Gravity. I can never seem to get 4 people together at once or with the cash. I'M STILL INTERESTED! Cat-Skiing at Targhee is pretty nice, the powder was good! I went the last week of Feb. last year.:
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I didn't realize the cat skiing was over at Targhee. Nice! I just bought some airfare to Calgary three days ago for my big ski trip (to destinations yet unknown). If I had seen this sooner, I think I might have seriously considered this instead. Maybe next year.

Somebody do it, and post a trip report!
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Here's a little Targhee appetizer from a day trip I took there in 2002: TARGHEE

It's just good old lift serviced terrain but the snow was great! That's my friend the "SkiTroll" starting it off, followed by me as the bottom suddenly dropped out under my skis!
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Has anybody added up what it would cost to do these things separately?
It sure sounds like a bargain.

Of course, you need three like-minded friends.
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Holy dogshit, I am trying to talk my buddy into doing this this year. That deal is a steal.
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Yea it looked absolutely perfect i just dont have any skiing friends
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Starts at $1895 per person based on quad occupancy. 5 nights lodging in 2 bedroom/2 bath condominium in Teton Village. Includes lift tickets for 2 days at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, 1 day of snowcat skiing at Grand Targhee Resort, 1 day helicopter skiing with High Mountain Heli-Skiing, and 1 day with a backcountry guide at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

I guess it's a good/OK deal IF you are going to do all that.

Heli = $900
Targhee cat = $350
Guide = $170
Lift tickets = $150

5 nights at quad occupany = $500

Total = $2100

Personally, I do not think the cat skiing at Targhee is very interesting. Good snow - yes. Good terrain - not really.
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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Total = $2100

Personally, I do not think the cat skiing at Targhee is very interesting. Good snow - yes. Good terrain - not really.

Hmmm. Interesting. So not such a killer deal after all, but good if that was part of someone's plan anyhow. I figured a day of cat skiing was more than that.
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So it's really the quad occupancy that makes it sound cheap. It's sounds good till you add it up, especially to those of us who usually travel with family and foot the whole bill.
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I think its even a little better. I think the transfers for the Targhee cat and heli ski are also included. Jackson has a good bus system also. It WAS cheaper by about $200 LAST year.
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wow I wish I had the funds for this.
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