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I think skis will be scrapped for the "virtual" experience.

People will dress in ski clothing and stand in a control booth where snow and cold air will be blowing like a mother------ and goggles with three D images and sound will blast the virtual skier into whatever ski experience he wants. Powder, bumps or steeps.

Of course, recreational drugs will be available to increase the overall effects and there will be a apre ski bar in the lobby for those who get tired easily.
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Maybe with all these midfat and larger skis, resorts might groom a little less thereby allowing the skis to be used for conditions they are well suited for.
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I agree with the people who said longer skis. Short skis always have and always will suck, regardless of current trends. In the next few years there will be far more choices for a 200+ cm ski.
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Since I can't agree with Jer on anything, I'll sort of semi-agree. Longer skis will be the Next Big Thing for the hard core/certifiable freerider/freeskiers. (But the Fischer 207 will be an interesing test of that). Shorter fatter skis, however, will be the NBT for less hard core, powder maniacs, AT's of all types. Think Icelantic +40 mm or Faty-pus + 20 mm.
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Smart Skis ! Nano piezo microchip technology will enable skis to be variably flexible. The ski will sense when you are in the soft and fresh and will provide an even, softer flex over it's entire length. It will know when you've been thrown into the backseat in the bumps and will soften the tail for you, but when cranking those aggressive sl turns on the front side it will stiffen the tail for extra pop, the amount of stiffening being determined uniquely for each turn, the skis updating their data 3,000 times per second. Feel like running at high speed down the slope? The shovels will be as stiff as you need them to be at any speed. Skiing in the trees and suddenly need to turn NOW? They'll turn into noodles for about 3/4 of a second, and then become "normal" again. And they'll get their electrical energy to do this from the micro flexing that is going on all the time while your in motion. No batteries!! Gone will be the days of the flex pattern being a consideration in ski purchase.
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How fat is not fat? What is limit before skis are so fat you end up bow legged from sking them?
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Asymetrical Skis to run with Ab-ducted boots.
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