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Ski advice

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Looking for your thoughts on the 3 ski choices I have narrowed down. I'm 5'9", 155lb, 40-ish, former racer, avoids groomers, loves powder (who doesn't), corn, and even crud. Looking for a ski that will perform decently on hardpack yet will excel in off-piste conditions.

1) Volkl Mantra 177cm (seems to be a favorate of Epic posters)
2) Scott Mission 178cm
3) Atomic Snoop Daddy 174cm

Any/all advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I just started using my new Scott Mission's. I'm about the same as you, build and age. I got the 168's. I ski almost exclusively in the trees. I really like the Scott's. I have had to ski some hardpack so far this year, due to lack of snow in the trees. I was quick surprised how well the Mission's performed on that terrain.
I skied n Snoop Daddy's last season. They were a better ski for the hardpack, but not as good in the trees. Having said that, they're both great skis. The Snoop's are a stiffer ski than the Scott's.

(Side note)For really tight trees, I got a pair of "Icelantic Nomad's", 156cm. I can ski "any" line with these. There are no trees too tight.

Have fun with which ever ski you choose.

Think SNOW!
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