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What length to ski for the new skis?

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I am looking at purchasing a pair of Volkl Supersport skis. I am six feet tall, weigh about 170 and a level 8 in ability. I was thinking of getting them in a 175. Does this sound right to any people in the know?
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My short slalom is a 160 and my GS a 170. I'm 5'10 and 175 lbs. I don't know anything about the Volkl line so can't say much about the supersport.

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I'm 2.5" shorter, 15lbs lighter, and similar ability to you.

I've tried the T50 5-star on two different occasions in a 175. My immediate impression both times was that it was too long. I'm not a fan of really short skis or anything. My usual skis include a 170 P50 SC Racing and a 177 Bandit XX. But in that ski, 175 feels too long for me.

Depends what you want to use it for I guess, but you could at least try the next length down.

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Where will you spend most of your time using the skis? You are from D.C. but if you spend all of your time at Alta you should consider western gear.

If you will be spending most of your time in the east, go short it that's what you like to do ..... What floats your boat? Like Rusty, my SL's are short, 156 and 160. But I still keep a pair of GS for those "other days".
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Thanks for the input. I do very little skiing in the east, 90% out west. I have used a Bandit X for my everyday ski the past four years and the length of that ski was just a smidge over 180cm, 183cm I think. So that is why I thought that skiing the Volkl in a 175 would be about right. I like as much length as reasonable for the extra bit of float on those medium powder days.
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I don't think five or ten centimeters will matter much and I would argue bottomless powder rarely exists.
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My stats are 180# and 5'10". I went from 205cm SL straight skis to 191 Volkl Carvers which were good skis for all conditions till they bent in the shovels. For 2 years now I've skied 150cm SL skis for all conditions. Like Cascade Crud up to your thighs and I can get much closer into the trees with the shorter skis and a lot more turns.. Just ask Ryel.

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I'm about the same hight, and level, but a around 180-190 pounds, I bought a pair of 5stars in 175 last season, after demoing them in 168, 175, and 184.

The 184 were a definite hand full, but predominantly suited for cranking long to medium turns, and harsh in the trees.

The 168 were great on the groomers, surprisingly supported my weight with no problem, but too shoot and stiff for off piste.

The 175 were perfect!
Great in all range of turns and terrain, handles most bumps well, although yet to be tested in anything deeper then a foot or two.
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I'm 6' - 190 lbs. I skiied the 5 star in 168 and 175. I think I'd buy the 175.
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I am 5'7" 170-180 pounds and I skied the 4 and 5 Stars in 168 with no problem.

I bent a pair of each by taking spills or hitting bumps and my wife bent two pairs of Volkl Motion for women all within 2-3 months. I'm not sure if we got a bad batch or what but we are happy with our current Atomics.

I currently ski on the Atomic R11s in 170 which is fine for me.

Not that easy for short turns though.
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I think the best way to pick length in skis anymore is to Demo. Ski length isn't just about height and weight amd speed anymore. With shapped skis, change the length and you change turn radius and even dimensions, the whole skis charateristics can change.
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