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first skis and need help

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i am looking to buy my first set of skis this year. For the past 2 years I have rented, thus it's time to buy. Anyway, after reading a least a hundred posts, i "think" a good fit would be either the:

atomic izor 7:5
volkl ac2
atomic metron 9

i am an expert intermediate (blue) skier and pretty good (balck) advance. I am 5.9” and weight 155-160 pounds, 28 male. I usually ski the east coast (holiday valley, peak n peak NY).


Thanks in advance!
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That seems a little short tbh. Whatever you choose, if its twin tip add 5 cm to the size, they ski short. Some Rossi bandits might be a good choice. Also try looking for last years skis online, you can get killer deals.
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so for my height, go with something around 165-170 for all brands? rossi bandits, what version? sorry, but am new to this.

thanks for your response.
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Thats a link to last years B2's for about 300 dollars. Good deal. Also might want to check out the B2 though that is a slightly more advanced ski.
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any other suggestions? please )
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I'm about an inch taller than you and the same weight, have always skied 170cm skis and am now looking at 174s. I personally wouldn't go shorter than 165, and not longer than 175 unless it was for powder.

Shorter = easier to turn but not so good at pace, not as much float in powder and not as much edge for grip. As you get better you'll want to go longer, so I'd get something that you can 'grow' into a bit.
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Originally Posted by readytoski07 View Post
any other suggestions? please )
Yeah, get your boots first.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Yeah, get your boots first.
What he said.

On length, it depends on the ski and what you want to do. For example, the Metrons are supposed to be skied 5-10 cm shorter than most other skis.

For east coast, a lot of people go pretty short, particularly if they like bumps and/or trees. So for your height/weight 160-165cm is not unheard of, particular if you are an intermediate. I'd say 165cm for your average ski for average conditions and terrain would be a good starting point.
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thanks for the pointers on the ski size. i actually bought boots at the end of last season.

now what do you guys think about the skis? the rossi bandits a or b (as the guy stated above) are around $300 with bindings and the volki ac2 the same. which do you recommend? if neither, please let me know. i'm getting excited!!!
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Your original list was fine all are good choices and some are probably available at good discounts. A Rossi B2 is a nice ski but not as good as your original choices for some firmer eastern conditions. If you need to look at something outside your original choices, the Fischer RX 6 is an excellent Eastern ski. I think that if there is an optimal size for your stats it would be 165(ish). I doubt that a 170 is necessary, but would not be a bad choice if that's all you can find.

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that was helpful. thanks SJ!!!
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I agree on the length range ... somewhere between the 165 - 170 range. My opinion on a good ski for east coast conditions is the Head Monster IM. These come in several versions ... the IM 70, the IM 72, IM 77, etc. I personally ski the IM 77's which seem a good all-round ski to me.

I've skied these on East Cost concrete (Snowshoe, WV - Wintergreen Va, etc.) and in the West (all SLC locations, Big Mtn Montana, Wolf-Creek Co., etc.) They hold the edge very well in the EC ice, and stick like Velcro in the softer Western snow. I've not skied these in deep powder ... only about boot top depth, but again they handle very well for me.

You can pick these up at a good price on e-Bay all the time, even pre-mounted with the Tyrolia bindings. Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by readytoski07 View Post
that was helpful. thanks SJ!!!
'On a side note, SJ treats EpicSki Supporters very well. If you follow the link in his signature you'll find some very helpful stuff and great product.

This of course if your local shop doesn't have what you want.
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Some of the Dynastar's. like the Contact 9 might fit well for an southern East Coast guy. 165 would work well.

The B2 wouldn't be near the top of my list.
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I feel that it is very smart to pay $20 for Peter Keelty's subscription web site. http://www.techsupportforskiers.com/ski_reviews.html His ski reviews are the best I've seen. Buying the skis that are right for you is very important. There are equally good skis from the best makers, but some of them are not right for you nor for your conditions.

With Peter's reviews, and his personal answers to his subscribers' questions, I'd look at narrow waisted skis that Peter recommends for your type of snow and mountain. I like going short, probably in the 160-165 range. The length is not the determining factor. The stiffness of the ski is more important, but we don't get a way to measure that. Within any line of skis, they get stiffer as they get longer. Also, the higher level skis are stiffer for the same length compared to lower level skis. So...length all depends. Read Peter's reviews and ask him your questions.

Look at buying last year's models to get much more ski for the money. Also consider buying last year's demo skis if they're in excellent condition. I got some for my wife, the package price was less than just new bindings, and the skis look like new.

I really like Head skis. I think they're a couple of years ahead of what other makers are putting on the retail racks. Fischer is also excellent. I'd suggest Head i.XRC800 163cm, i.XRC1200 156cm, or maybe i.Supershape 160cm. (I'm 200#, 6', excellent skier, ski all mountain, and I really like my Supershape 170cm skis.) Narrow waisted skis are easier to get and hold on edge because of the shorter distance from the center of the ankle to the ski edge. Skis with a short turning radius, 12 meters to 14 meters, will turn more easily. My Supershapes with their 66mm waist width and 12m turning radius are stable at fast speeds, and turn on a dime and give change. The Fischer RX6 & RX8 models are excellent, again go shorter in the RX8 than you would in the RX6, 'cuz the 8 is stiffer. Skis that are too long (too stiff) take you for a ride, and you'll ski poorly--been there, done that. You won't blame the ski length, you'll blame the ski model or blame yourself, where you might ski much better on the right length for you in that same ski model.
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