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a JONG is a gaper on steroids

Actually I was called a JONG by some pro park skier guy once when I got in his way skiing slow. But the real JONG was in front of me which is why I was skiing so slow and holding him back - really it wasn't my fault!!
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Originally Posted by Mr. Crab View Post
We're all gapers to somebody. In surfing there's an old saying, "the best surfer in the water is the one with the biggest grin."
I wear cat tracks, and I'm proud. My best run last year was a green, backwards, making faces at a four year old. Don't be afraid to gape. Just don't Zorro the powder...:

P.S.- we used to have a saying at Alta "beater, go to Brighton" Beater being one of those flying wedge out of control tail gunners that can take out the best skier, if he's not looking or standing still, like in a lift line.. In the end, that's what did in Alf Engen, no less. If that's you, one word- "Ski School". Er, two words.
weird I tell gapers Alta is the place for them. sorry dude

bunch of freaks over there.
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Originally Posted by PVnRT View Post
What do you call a person who fears being called a gaper? Someone who will alter his behavior because of things being said on this forum.

It's really hard to keep a cynical squint and have the mouth wide open. :
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