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Molding/baking boots

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I am still confused. I have some questions:

1) Is it really necessary to mold/bake my boot liners if my boots fit to my feet nicely just out of the box?

2) If I do, it is okay to ski my boots first, and then mold them later?

Thank you very much in advance.
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heating the liners helps to soften the foam that the manufacturers put into the liner to mould round the foot. from personal experience and that of several of my clients the heating of the liners [assuming the boot is the correct size, and not too big] really helps with bedding in especially in areas of prominence such as ankle bones and around the toe box [if the liners are a little short]

you can heat the liner after it has been skied, however the effect will be reduced as the heat of your feet whilst skiing will have done some of the moulding already.

normal proceedure when I fit a standard liner is to pad the foot around toes with toe caps and on ankle bones / bone spurs etc with foam padding, heat the liner and assemble everything, the padding creates a little more space in the protected areas and helps to shape the liner a bit more. I often also heat the shells if the fit is very tight to help with the overall fit.

in short yes i would suggest heating them when new

hope this helps a bit
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Thank you very much for your great input and comments. They all make sense. As you suggested, I will check my boot size to see if it's correct for my feet.
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Last night I checked the size of my boots. It is too big: Two-finger space between the back of my heel and the shell wall. Now that I know my boot is too big, what should I do in terms of molding/baking? Shoud I go ahead with molding? It is a very comfortable fit right out of the box.
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if unused then i would be taking them back.....

of course if you bought them on line then you may have an issue, yopu may have saved a few $$$ but as you have said yourself they are on the big side...coulc be an expensive mistake...sorry
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get rid of it. the heating just speeds up the natural packout and expanding that the boot will do anyways.

it is too large, with or without heating.
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