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Fall is here winter is around the corner and the annual commiseration by those who hate the winter has already begun. What these people do not realize is that they are depriving themselves of one of the most fun filled and wonderful times of the year. Bottom line is that after Christmas/holidays for the nonskier/nonboarder, its just a cold gray boring time of the year with nothing major to look forward to for a long while. Its a time of year that to the non-winter-sportsman that is laden with unpleasantries such as shoveling, snow, ice, and automotive disasters.

As unofficial ski-ambassador, I share my enthusiasm for skiing with everyone who I speak with for more than 5 minutes. It really try to emphasize that if not for skiing I too would be sitting around with little to do post holidays. Lately with the winters here in NYC having had so little snow, it can be especially glum. Once the Christmas decorations are taken down everything looks dead and gray; at least when it snows, the soft silent celestial qualities of that white gold bring beauty to an otherwise ugly and depressing time of the year.....but only to the non-skier. We know that as long as its cold, then there is much fun and enjoyment to be had usually just a few hours drive away; quite possibly the best time of the year.

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