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Growing Pains

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Every business suffers Growing Pains. Whether their success outstips their planning or maybe it doesn't keep up with plans and either way leaves them with challenges that have to be met.

I originally joined Epic-Ski Forum on November 16th, 2004. Sometime (very shortly) subsequent to that I ponied up for Supporter status. In the wake of Katrina I renewed early in September of 2005 and then again as part of registering for the ESA at Stowe I renewed early in September of 2006.
Now due to Epic's inability to keep track of or value their supporters I have had my Supporter Staus yanked twice in the last two weeks.

In the last three years (almost) I have enjoyed the forums and the lounge and the sometimes spirited exchange with others. I have most enjoyed the exchange of ideas and thoughts with folks from different backgrounds and positions (geographical, political, economic, whatever) with at least one thing in common, a love for skiing. I have watched Epic grow and expand their offerings and operation to include using a bunch of moderators who seemingly have no life outside of being a bunch of busy-bodies messing with the discussions. I have attended an ESA that promised a whole lot more than was actually delivered.

I really was waiting until November to see if some of the positive growing of Epic (Ask a Pro) was goiing to offset the negative but this latest administrative snafu has made the decision for me.

I will NOT be renewing my supporter status.

I will still check in from time to time (as a regular member) and folks may PM or email me or visit my web site www.SkiWithStache.com to keep in touch and see where I decide to be teaching this year (Jiminy Peak, MA or Killington, VT).

And Oh Yeah, We have puppies again www.DaisyBellsPetals.com .
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Rebuttal time

Some of what you say is true, Stache. We have found that automating and updating the Supporter subscriptions has been a challenge. It began about the time you joined, in September 2004, when I inherited the duty. Recently I gratefully handed it off to Trekchick, who has done a remarkable job, without pay, getting that department squared away. She does not deserve censure, but thanks and props for doing a tedious job well with tact and diplomacy. We sincerely regret that you feel unappreciated by the process, but being privy to the correspondence associated with your case, I know that you were informed and consulted every step of the way in Trek's characteristically friendly, caring manner. Obviously, the only intent of your post is to air your dissatisfaction, for the solution to your problem is brain-dead easy.

Best of luck to you in the future and happy trails.

Supporter subscriptions, commissions on Member/Supporter purchases from affiliates, and EpicSki Academy profits are the three big contributors paying the website's expenses, which are growing apace with membership. At the membership's request, we don't have advertising income, so we depend on membership support to keep this website community thriving. Everyone behind the scenes is a volunteer who works out of love, corny as that sounds. This community is founded on camaraderie and caring.

If this website has value to you, we hope you will consider becoming or continuing as an EpicSki Supporter. Thank you!

*And thanks again to Trekchick who is a marvel and a lifesaver.
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Trekchick is a gift. Start by assuming she seeks only to serve others, love, and enjoy life and go from there.
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I'll second that Oboe. Well said.
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Sorry to hear that Stasche. Shouldn't we remember this forum is run by humans who try to tell machines how to play the game and sometimes one , the other or both make mistakes with no malice intended.
I hope you reconsider. Good luck and have a great winter either way.
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Stache, I think you are really over-reacting. Yes, they messed up your renewal date, but you can be sure there was no malice intended and I'm sure cool heads could have sorted that out. I'm sorry that you feel wronged, but I don't see that you were truly harmed. Give Trek and the rest the benefit of the doubt. If this doesn't make sense to you, then good luck and best wishes. We'll still be here if you decide to wander back in.

Happy Skiing.

By the way, just wondering how you felt ESA-Stowe could have been improved. You expressed a feeling that promises were not kept. We might all benefit from your insights if you are willing to share. The organizers are always trying to improve the ESA experience and would be interested in any constructive comments you might have to offer.

Again, good luck and stay well.
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It's been a long summer. Why don't you send in the 20. bucks and quit next year.

This is just Epic, it's not DMV. I think your expectations are a little high.
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As my dear dad used to say at times like these---and a phrase I have been known to utter now and again----

Don't confuse me with facts!-----my mind is made up

i just love that lil red character
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At the membership's request, we don't have advertising income
I'm OK with lightly obtrusive advertising. An occasional ad between postings is OK with me, as is a top banner. The people who run this forum deserve to be paid fairly for their efforts.
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Nolo, I appreciate your reply, thank you for supporting Trekchick and her efforts to run and organize what is I'm sure a difficult ,at times, section of Epic Ski. Stache, I joined earlier in the year of 04 and became a supporter pretty soon afterwards. For what this forum and for what Epikski provides to it's members, I only wish that every single member were a supporter. The folks that do the administrative work here are beyond question the most dedicated group of people I ever hope to meet and be associated with. It may be true that some of the threads in some of the forums have not been the same recently as they once were, this however is a choice that the members make each and every time they post. There have been times when individual members have been at odds with each other, and that is when the patrollers serve, IMHO, a needed function to monitor and contribute to the overall flavor of the forums. Congratulations are in order for all the fine efforts these patrollers bring to the table. Here's hopeing that the snow flies long, and we as members, (bears), ski well:.

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Originally Posted by Stache View Post
In the last three years (almost) I have enjoyed the forums and the lounge and the sometimes spirited exchange with others. I have most enjoyed the exchange of ideas and thoughts with folks from different backgrounds and positions (geographical, political, economic, whatever) with at least one thing in common, a love for skiing.
Well said, Paul! Dunno if I go along with the rest, but I've met some cool people here, people I would likely spit on if I encountered in "real life."

.. only joking.
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