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Originally Posted by killclimbz View Post
I didn't realize you had the amp 9's. They are just not the best example of Flow offers. From what I can tell, they may not give you what you want performance wise.
I'm just hoping they suck as much as my (not HB) Clickers do. I compensate for cheap gear with mad skills. What sucks more is bindings retailing for over $200 being inadequate for good riders.
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They gotta be better, step in's suck donkey balls.
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I've been riding flat clickers for years and am loathe to give them up because of the boot fit - no heel lift with my narrow ankles. At 52, I hope they last as long as my knees. I even got some back up boots and bindings on ebay.

The Clickers have been good for me for freeride, resort and BC snowcat ops. My son uses Flows and likes them. I've considered Flows and Cinch but every time I heft them they seem heavy (at least compared to my current set up.)

The only problems with the binding are when they ice up or if I have to click out in deep powder. I like being able to click in on the lifts, particularly if the lift has a steep ramp at the top.

I only ride about 12-15 days per season so they may last a while.
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You should be able to find a pair of boots that eliminates heel lift. The clicker set up has nothing to do with it, that is all boot. Flow bindings have really lightened up. Kind of hard to beat the plate clicker though. I don't really care for the performance of step in's anymore, but the Clicker was the Dynafit binding of the snowboard world.
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I started with Switch step ins, which I loved but gave up because the boots I had didn't fit right and I couldn't find another pair when Switch went down the tubes.

Changed to flow bindings...and like others have said it takes a b it to get em dialed in just right...you feel like it won't happen and then all of teh sudden you got it .

I can't compare to strap in's cause I never used em. I don't ride the pipe, and really only do the jumps/kickers in the park. Mostly like to ride when there's some powder to fly through. For convenience, Flow's are almost as good as step ins...you can get in them while standing and do it quick enough to not hold up your skiing buddies.
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