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How many ski days/season?

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I am curious to know how many days you have on skis each season, on average? Pros need not respond...
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Oz season - 50-60
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Geez! You ski more in a season than I've skied in my life! Lets see, with anything decent at least a 2 and a half hour drive, lift tickets between $50 and $68, lodging at the very cheapest $100, and that usually means that you are not staying on the mountain, which also means that you can have a half mile walk from the parking lot to the slope, we won't even talk about on mountain food, add on lesson costs we're looking at maybe 8-15 days in New England, and a one week trip elsewhere.

And people wonder why most people don't take lessons!
And if they do take lessons, they can't afford enough ski days per season to make the lessons beneficial.
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Yep LM - & I've changed jobs twice (& moved) to be closer to the snow & be able to have more time to ski in our VERY short season. I also ski ice,slush, snow grass, & am not completely unable to cross creeks(uncovered) - with some coaxing/instruction.
Not bad at a quick crossing of mud patch etc either (Aaaarrrrggggh - ask ant about Oz conditions - ant I skied the Supertrail to bottom on Sept 17th last year & Falls on the last day it was open(Deep Slush))

I also own NO VCR etc - all spare cash goes to learning to ski & rollerblade & anything else that will help me.

Friends tell me that an 'average' skier skis about 12 days & that I ski about 5 average seasons each year - Well IF i choose to ski THAT is how I NEED to do it - there cannot be half measures - just not an option.

My instructors are sort of bemused - love the dedication but find it UNUSUAL - even stranger when you consider this is the first season I haven't been TERRIFIED to start the season - but still front up on opening weekend to do DRILLS on beginner terrain(read 10foot wide patches of man made)
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OH & I stay at the YHA for 30 of those days. Much cheaper - as is a seasons pass(ski 12 days & it is cheaper than the day tickets)
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I hear ya! Thank goodness I have a job that does not require an expensive clothing budget! But continuing education expenses cost me thousands a year, especially if I have to travel.

It becomes a viscous cycle though, I spend more on education, one, because my career is also my hobby, and two, being much more qualified than the average gym instructor means I get paid a little bit higher {albeit in a very low paying industry}. Being paid higher means I can afford even the small amount of time I'm able to ski, but first, the money has to go to education.

Another issue: We have a dog and 2 cats. The cost of boarding them for longer trips is outrageous. There are a few places that do allow dogs, but they want you checked out by Sunday at 11:00! :

So ironic! These hotels allow snowboarders to stay there, but not my greyhound, who will do infinitely less dammage to the room!

I've recently had to come to terms with how much progress I expect to make. I started in my mid 40s, in 3 seasons I've skied 50 days, with one stepson in college and a step daughter who will soon be there too, who knows.

Unfortunately, around here, living near a mountain would mean that I would make about a quarter of what I earn now!
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Yep - I could easily earn 50% more money just by working for someone else.

But this boss lets me take time off without pay to ski more....
& he doesn't make me work saturdays in winter
& he lets me knick off an hour or more early to drive to Thredbo

I've just realised that the guys ARE NOT kidding - I really MIGHT be able to ski QUITE WELL by the end of the season. The HAPPY looks on their faces when they saw my start of season state & the continual apologies in advance from 1 who says he is going to push me HARD this season just FINALLY SANK IN - IT IS ALL WORKING...
I'm so excited I can't sleep!
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~20 last couple of seasons. All of them on weekend/3 days trips. Would like to get into 30 - 40 range by taking a couple of week/2 weeks trips eventually.
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The fewest would be 6, the most 25. Normally 18, and it's cheaper for me to buy a season pass for 12 of them!

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I personally try to get at least 25 a year. After ski camp at Whistler this summer, I'll have 26 days for the year. Not too shabby. Of course, being in Seattle where there are several ski areas within a 2-3 hour drive helps. And there's always Snoqualmie...a quick 30 minutes from my house.

Snowy :
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It's not worth the money to ski here in Minnesota now...

When I was in highschool about 10-12 days a year, highest was 16 I think...

This past year at college all I did was ski at whistler 4 times.

4 is not enough, but i'm not going to waste my time/money to ski at a place with a couple hundred vert and all ice...

That's the only thing I can't wait to get out of college for...the ability to make at least 2 trips, maybe 3 or 4 a year til i have kids, then once I have kids i'll make sure to get at least one in.

I'm so jealous of you who live in/by the mountains...
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30-40 days/year. Next year I'm going to ski my age,if not more.
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50 plus days and There would be more if I wanted to hike.
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bout 50
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I think I'll put together a poll. Now I'm wondering if there's a correlation between ski days/season and level of skier; if the days are spread over the season or concentrated in a couple of trips; and how much of our discretionary spending goes to paying for skiing in a season...


If you went to Vail or Aspen I'll bet you'd make more than you make now; of course you would probably not live in Vail or Aspen, but still...I'll bet the tips would buy some dog food and a few yards of spandex. Can Mark telecommute?

Maybe when your daughter is on her own...

I saw an ad for a Mustang convertible the other day: When does life begin?
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Skied just over 30 days this year. Season pass at Snoqualmie, ski Alpental most of the time. It is convenient to have night skiing at Alpental, can head out at 5pm, get in 3 hrs of skiing and be back around 10:30pm or so.
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I saw an ad for a Mustang convertible the other day: When does life begin?
When the kids graduate from college or move out. Which ever comes first.
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Let´s see. Last 4 years I´ve been snowboardin g 15-20 days a year. All of them on holidays. Not much apart from that. Last year i stepped on skis for the first time and look what happened... 70 days of skiing! Well, 15 days
of snowboarding (still the tool for certain days...) and the rest on skiis.
Gonna "work" harder next year to break the 100 days milestone.
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my seasons tend to yo yo a bit.

When I was still living in Germany I could net up to 30, (sometimes 35 if local snow was good) days in a season.
This would be three planned week trips in Jan, feb and March (to coincide with my then school holidays) .... plus spontaneous weekend trips to Black forest or Austria.
Things changed for the worse when I jumped across the water and went to uni in England....could only manage about 7, perhaps 14 days in a season

Things have improved a bit in the past year. Last season was better.
Now I just have to figure out how to get back to my 30+ days [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Cheeky j
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Originally posted by nolo:
I saw an ad for a Mustang convertible the other day: When does life begin?;f=10;t=000225
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a stupid but simple question: what do you mean by a skiing day? I'm asking this since a lot of my skiing is a few hours here and there, night skiing, race duty, etc..

If I count how many TIMES I ski per year, it's usually around 60. If I try to convert those times to 'days' as in let's say 6 hrs is a day's skiing, then I'm probably at maybe 40.

I have one of those gadget watches that counts runs and vertical. Needless to say, runs is not very relevant. Vertical seems to be a better measure, but even this can vary enormously because of conditions, type of runs, lifts (high-speed vs fixed) and the size of the mountain.
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Originally posted by snowy:
I personally try to get at least 25 a year. After ski camp at Whistler this summer, I'll have 26 days for the year. Not too shabby. Of course, being in Seattle where there are several ski areas within a 2-3 hour drive helps. And there's always Snoqualmie...a quick 30 minutes from my house.

Snowy :
Snoqualmie doesn't count. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
It's a half step up from skiing down the carpeted stairs to your basement.

[ June 18, 2002, 04:54 PM: Message edited by: chris_colaspe ]
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Lets not be knocking Minnesota. Koznik, Schleper and Lindsay Kildow are all from there. Current US Development Team skier Kaylin Richardson is too. Former USST athletesTim Hanson and Joel Levins are "Gophers" too. Those pop into mind but there are probably several more.
Here in the Midwest you can do it over until you get it RIGHT.
Our 250 vert hill has prodeced a US Freestyle Team skier, the only Midwesterner to win the NCAA GS Championship and we currently added a US Development Team skier.
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Originally posted by chris_colaspe:
Snoqualmie doesn't count. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
It's a half step up from skiing down the carpeted stairs to your basement.
Alpental counts... West does not count. Central has some decent runs, if short, East/Hyak I've only ever skied once since we usually hit Central if we're not at Alpental and most of the guys I ski with are snowboarders (including my husband, unfortunately) and don't want to do the crossover...which is pretty crappy even on skis.

Wow, that was a major run-on sentence, but whatever.

Regardless, only 3 of my days were at Snoqualmie areas since I didn't get a pass this year. Most were at Crystal and Whistler.

Snowy :

[ June 19, 2002, 03:32 PM: Message edited by: snowy ]
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Got back into skiing 4 seasons ago after a long break (12 years or so) which itself followed another long break (15 years).

So haven't been really hardcore about it but these last 4 years I've been a relatively commited recreational skier.

Probably 18-22 days the '98-99, '99-00, '00-01 seasons and only about 11 days this past season.

Drop-off mostly due to conflicting priorities on time and money (kid in college and other kid only a few years away), crummy eastern weather, and one day lost to that darn rain at Fernie!

I'm guessing I'm about a 15-day/year skier going forward. One week-long trip per year, couple of long weekends, and a few single day-trips or 2-day weekends.

Now has anyone asked Lisamarie about how many posting-about-skiing days per year she has? :
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