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I like the bump runs that I create from skiing a fresh powder bowl over and over.

I'd also have to go with Outhouse at Winter Park/ Mary Jane.
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Tough to pick ONLY three but here goes...

Goat....Stowe When I think of great bump runs in the East this is it
Starr....Stowe A close 2nd
Chute to Liftline...MRG Is there a better top to bottom bump run right under a chair?
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Originally Posted by crank View Post
I was wondering if anyone would choose Stein's Run. A fine choice, but I'm not a big fan of double fall lines.
I'm not sure why but whenever I've skied it, it just never felt like much of a double fall line. Maybe because it was just so wide.

It's certainly nothing like the double fall line at the top portion of Goat from my recollection.
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Originally Posted by carvemeister View Post
Stein's @ Sugarbush
The boy and I had Warren Miller tix for early season at Sugarbush. We got there and the conditions were feeble. They were blowing snow full tilt on Stein's and everyone started skiing it. The bumps were huge with great lines and the snow was nice and soft. Turned out to be a great day, run after run on Stein's. On that day Stein's was among the best.

Stein's is quite steep, has a great fall line and skis top to bottom. I'd do that again any time.
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Nice shot of Paradise. Lucky you, caught it on a powder day
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I'll second Bubblecuffer at Sugarloaf, thats my favorite
Starr at Stowe
Mad River Glen: all the bump trails are great
Actually haven't skied a bump trail I did not like in any conditions.
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The Gun Barrel
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Originally Posted by epic View Post
I'm glad we get more than one here. Mine are all at Stowe.


Each one has it's own charms

Starr tends to have the best snow of the three. Lookout has nice round moguls. National has big moguls.
WHAT -- NO GOAT?????????
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Spiral stairs/ plunge at Tohellyouride.
West Bowl at Mammoth Lakes.
Gunbarrel at Heavenly.
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Originally Posted by ski1024 View Post
I'd also have to go with Outhouse at Winter Park/ Mary Jane.
Outhouse is great when the snow's fresh. It seems to get skied out pretty fast. It's also steep enough that it can become littered with skiers standing in your line. As I'm getting older, I'm more frequently becoming one of those guys

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Bump the Bump Thread

Ski Area / Run

1. Sierra at Tahoe / Clipper

Here's a bump run where you can ski bumps for nearly the entire
vertical served by the West Bowl lift, with some varying pitches to
make it interesting, and with part of it under the lift so you can watch
and be watched. A shame that SAT's mgmt has bought into the groomer philosophy and started grooming this.

2. Squaw Valley / Headwall

Was more of a pure all bumps run before the rerouted the Headwall
chair to lower elevation, but who's to complain...

3. Alpine Meadows / Yellow

Another run that's got a lift practically dedicated to it, and bumps
nearly top to bottom, that is, whenever the %*&#$ers at Alpine don't
groom it!!!

4. Alpine Meadows / Scott Chute

Yet another run of almost exclusive bumps top to bottom with nearly
none of that annoying crusing to mess it up. My only criticism is
that the traffic all funnels through the slot at the bottom and makes
a very strange line due to lots of bailouts etc. Gets some of its
high marks because you can choose either the mellow entrance to
skier's right, or a zestier entrance with the little cornice drop, to
skier's left.

5. Squaw Valley / Olympic Lady East Face

Especially good when they're running Oly Lady lift, which seems to be
never in the past few (rare) times I've been to Squaw, since this
lift can sometimes escape the crowding Squaw sees elsewhere.

6. Squaw Valley / Chute 75 - West Face

Nice pucker factor at the top, and then bumps sometimes big enough
that you can't catch your breath to make the call to your orthopedic
surgeon to schedule the knee replacement you're gonna need. A classic.

7. Sierra at Tahoe / Upper and Lower Dynamite

Lots of bumps over a fairly long vertical, but you have to traverse a
bit to start, transition at the middle, then to finish. Almost made better by skipping the top part of Upper Dynamite by skiing the upper (very steep) lift line of the Grandview Express then cutting skiers left at the first runout to hit the second half of Upper Dynamite.

8. Northstar / Whatever that run under the backside chair is called

This run loses serious points simply for being located at Flatstar.
Although this is a nice, long, constant pitch run that seems to
always be bumped up, I'll never choose to go back to this
resort 'cause they freakin groom EVERYTHING. Ugh.

9. Alpine Meadows / Pete's Peril, Peril Ridge or D8 --> Face -->
Banana Chute

That you have to cobble together a bump run with all these short
traverses and runouts between them costs this run some points, but
otherwise very nice.

10. Sugar Bowl / Fuller's Folly

You know, stuck in between all those steeps there's actually quite a
few bump lines, if you are paying attention...

11. Heavenly / Face, Gunbarrel

This run coulda been #1 if it were located differently. That said,
it's barely skiable due to often poor coverage, due to weird bump
lines from excessive returning beginner traffic, oh, and due to all
those deer-in-the-headlights folks standing here, there and
everywhere all over the run at all times. Don't get me wrong,
everyone's gotta learn somehow, and I don't begrudge people their
right to ski whatever they want, but this is why the run is just
tolerable and no more.
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Unfortunately about a decade ago management began to weekly groom parts of the favorite bump run at my local ski area I skied a great deal for years. It is beneath themost popular lift at the resort. Hence the current slope is disgusting. My own preference is for really long bump slopes I can rip long lines that are modestly steep in the 40% to 55% gradient range at higher elevation with lots of skiers mining up the snow.

When it come to good bump slopes ,I have to go with higher elevation slopes with good shadowed northern exposures versus those like Outhouse that get a lot of sun or the many famous lower elevation bump runs like Gunbarrel, or anything in the East. That is because I ski bumps for the pleasure and not particularly for the challenge. And it is a fact that good packed powder bumps are way more pleasant than the hard cast in stone bumps many are only familiar with. Another issue is numbers of bump skiers. Good moguls require a lot of good bump skiers to form them. There are a great many steep slopes especially here in the West where immature steep bumps evolve that rarely receive enough traffic between usual winter storms for the bumps to shape up nicely so smooth bump skiers can just smoke through them. Otherwise just middling junky shaped snow. Additionally a bump slope needs those bump skiers to loosen up the snow. That is why the best bump skiing during any week is usually on Saturday afternoons on the most popular bump slope in a region. And that is probably the biggest misunderstanding skiers have when they talk about the best bump runs. Many tend to equate steepness and gnarliness with better bumps. Nope. Lots of bump skiers shaping and loosening up all the snow in the bumps. Snow metamorphosizes continually on all ski slopes the same way a piece of ice does in one's refrigerator. Unless the wind is blowing and moving lose windblown around, a bump slope from one afternoon to the next morning changes enough that those skiing a bump run early in the morning are not going to have quite a good experience as they might have the previous afternoon when it was freshly loose.

The above is why a bump run like Railbender at Mary Jane is so good. Good shady exposure, high elevation packed powder snow, and daily lots of bump skiers working those slopes. Of course the Winter Park area is about the closest big resort to Denver at a decent lift ticket cost, so it obviously receives higher numbers of bump skiers versus other opotentially good bump slopes in Colorado that simply don't get the traffic.

A couple comments on others choices.

Chachi639 mentioned Clipper at Sierra at Tahoe. Given the modest gradient, that is a fine slope for skiers that have never really figured out how to ski bumps out to practice on because the bumps there never get very big. Years ago I'd ski that slope until I could smoke it top to bottom then move east and start working steeper Dynamite.

dogiedoc mentioned West Bowl at Mammoth. Indeed another great modest gradient bump run and short at that which is best to practice on before going up on the Cornice or looking down Climax. The nice thing about moguls at Mammoth is the high elevation and windblown snow conditions filling in areas between bumps make for ideal bump skiing much like Winter Park.


Eagle Peak proposed ski resort:
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Nice to see this topic get.........bumped

I'll keep my list where it is but I'd like to add that I've been having a ton of fun skiing Trestle at Mary Jane the last couple of weeks.

It's not a very difficult run and it has a couple of flat sections with tree to tree 'ripples' which must be endured, but it has such a variety of different kinds of bumps. It starts out with a section of 'ledge' bumps then a bit of a low angle section that's fun to sail off one and over a couple then a short and quite steep shot followed by another low angle section. Next is the 'whoop-de-doo' section that you've got to get through then a final medium angle section that ends in a nice opportunity to get some good speed to air into the long cat track back to the lift. Super fun
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Steeplechase (Sodbuster/Kesslers/Garmisch into Frans Love) - Aspen Highlands
Aces and Eights- Olympic Bowl - Highlands
Far East at Copper
Locals Loop - Telluride

I also find Trestle a very fun run.
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Originally Posted by ski1024 View Post
I like the bump runs that I create from skiing a fresh powder bowl over and over.

I'd also have to go with Outhouse at Winter Park/ Mary Jane.
What he said.

I have never been a huge bump freak, but I have been skiing a lot more of them lately. I've become a fan of Prima at Vail, because it's north facing, so the snow is always soft, and no one is ever on it, as it's front side and long and covered with bumps. . . and I guess no one but me wants to ski the super-soft, long, empty bump run at the end of the day?

Beats the scraped off human slalom back to the village (by a long shot) if you ask me.
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Originally Posted by mollmeister View Post
I have never been a huge bump freak
Give it time Sounds like the bump bug has bitten
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Colorado at Owl's Head when they don't groom it. Unfortunately over the past few years they've taken to grooming it more often than not.

Kitzbuehel at Jay Peak. The natural fall line sends you toward the trees, so you have to be ready to adjust your line at any point.

La 42 at Le Massif before expansion. 2,500 ft vertical of steep, relentless moguls. And then you'd have to pole out to get back to the lift - talk about a leg burner. It's not quite the same now.
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Chute-Holiday Valley
My home hill, where I started skiing bumps and where I will always come back to.

Chute 75-Squaw
skied with about 6" of fresh covering nicely spaced, soft bumps. Beautiful.

nice pitch, comp style

Does utah have bumps? I don't really remember any.
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Originally Posted by Garick View Post

Does utah have bumps? I don't really remember any.
I didn't find any when I was there
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Hmm, I can only pick three?

Gandy Dancer -- MJ
Drunken Frenchman -- MJ
Tumbler -- Mt. Ellen

I can't stop there. Sorry. Here are just a few good bump runs:

Just about everything else at Mary Jane can go on the list.
Resolution Bowl @ Copper
Mine Dump @ Copper
Too Much @ Copper
Triple Treat @ Copper
Black Diamond @ Mt. Ellen
Hammerhead @ Mt. Ellen
Bravo @ Mt. Ellen
Exterminator @ Mt. Ellen
Semi-Tough @ Mt. Ellen
Twist @ Sugarbush (LP)
Moonshine @ Sugarbush
Castlerock Run @ Sugarbush
Middle Earth @ Sugarbush
Wildfire @ K-Mart
Northstar @ K-Mart
Devil's Fiddle @ K-Mart
Wilderness @ Burke
Lew's Leap @ Burke
Powderhorn @ Burke
Loco @ Beaver Creek
Goshawk @ Beaver Creek
Centennial @ Beaver Creek
North Chute @ A-Basin
International @ A-Basin
Prima @ Vail
Riva Ridge @ Vail
Espresso @ Vail
Encore @ Vail

I'm gonna stop for now. But I may have some more to add later.
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thank you, chachi639, now I know what runs I'll be visiting first thing first at Alpine Meadows !!!
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Originally Posted by Garick View Post
Does utah have bumps? I don't really remember any.
That is a good sign. Big hard bumps hanging around is a bad sign in ootah.
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Since I'm not really a bumper I will only pick one. It's Powder Face at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Nice little uncrowded place, interesting terrain not too far from the lift (I haven't been since they put in the Boomerang lift, so maybe even closer now).


Again, I haven't been there in a long time, it may have changed. Used to have lots of snow and no grooming. They may have a winch cat by now though. I found them (the bumps) quite challenging. Of course, at that time, not having had the benefit of lessons and not knowing what to do in bumps I was trying my best to arc them with SG skis.
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Originally Posted by calmman View Post
thank you, chachi639, now I know what runs I'll be visiting first thing first at Alpine Meadows !!!
Calmman, here's another nice one at Alpine, not so obvious, and only really works if the Alpine Bowl chair is running. Top half, you can find a nice line under the top part of the Alpine Bowl lift. Veer skiers right when you get to the cliff band and continue down the lower half of Palilsades to the runout. At the end of the mid run runout, just the run turns left go straight and bear right through the trees around the knoll (you'll be following the obvious tracks of dozens before you) which will dump into lower Our Father (below High Yellow on the online map). Traverse left under the cliffs before you get too low to catch the bottom of the Alpine Bowl chair, visible this whole time to your left. The top of the run can be spiced up by taking Palisades: traverse a little further skier's right.

Pleasant memories: the bump crowd I used to run with at Alpine, in the spring we'd do this one all day.

who obviously needs to get some turns in
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Taos, New Mexico, pick one
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Originally Posted by Skunkeee View Post
Taos, New Mexico, pick one
Juarez is a fun little one.

I actually had fun skiing bumps at Breckenridge a long time ago, Blackjack down to Quiver. That was my first trip out West after growing up in the midwest. I do recall that I liked Highlands a LOT better. Steeplechase RULZ!
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Favorite Bump Run

West bowl, chair #3, Mammoth Mtn, Calif

Always seems to have good snow and is just steep enough to make me feel younger than seventy.

Will have my ashes scattered there after I make my last turn.

Oops, I forgot Exhibition at Sun Valley. Ran it first in 1956 and last in January 2008.
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Always liked Thunder at Jackson Hole. Good Snow, under the lift, and bumps the size of Volkswagens. just top to top skiing!!!!!!
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I like Lynx at MRG, the liftline at Mt Hood Meadows (can't remember what it's called), Mont Fort/Col des Gentianes at Verbier, the Valluga chutes when bumped out at St Anton, ditto for the run next to the T-bar at Crested Butte. Pallavicini at A-Basin.But my all-time favorite bump run is the Canalone di Madesimo. I'll put up some video later.
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This time I can't resist. I have never met a mogul I didn't like let along a mogul run I didn't like. The trashier the better. My favorite is the one I am on at any moment in time. :

Just to throw a few in here for good measure. Needles Eye-Breckenridge, Funnel-Crested Butte, Pinball-Crested Butte, Outer Limits solid ice, Killington.
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