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An important thing to remember is that rep scheme is crucial to sport training. You want to start slow. You are doing the right thing by doing lower weight with higher reps (15-20) for a lower amount of sets. You want to eventually work up to higher weights for lower reps ( 5 sets of 5) over a period of a couple months. This will build strength. Strength always equals endurance and power, but endurance does not always equal power. You should get with a personal trainer to set up a good periodic training routine. Plyometrics are great for skiing. As for cardio you should work on interval training. Hope this helps.
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buy lisamarie's book and ride ur bike. thats all u really need!
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Thanks Nomad! You can also check out this Ski Fitness Article
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie View Post
Thanks Nomad! You can also check out this Ski Fitness Article
And there I go, over doing my quads. I find it helps to be strong in the quads when on the hill but the injury risk is something that should not be ignored.

I will try the hamstring exercise.

I would like to say however that the ohs that loboskis demonstrated works the core nicely in a way that complements balance (core stability) along with the quads.
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