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Race Skis...bindings?

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Pretty pumped.

Just got my race (adult league) skis for this upcoming season. 176cm Fischer WC GS skis. Circa 2005?

Anybody got any binding reccomendations? Avail?

Also picked up some 90cm Fischer "race" skis for my 4 yo. Need bindings for these too.

Team Fischer this year.
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If the WC GSes have a Fischer/Tyrolia plate, FF17s for you.
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I always thought Tyrolia were the natural choice for those skis. They make great race bindings, get them real cheap at www.levelninesports.com
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If your Fischer WC GS skis have two separate riser blocks on the (heel, toe), you can put any race binding on it.
Here are a few choices:
  • Tyrolia/Fischer FF17
  • Marker Comp 16.0, 18.0
  • Salomon EQ 916
  • Rossignol FKS 155 (if you can still find them)
  • Rossignol Axial 2 155 WC (or the similar Look)
I'm sure the other guys on the board can make a few suggestions.

There are a bunch of last years Rossignol Axial 2 120 Pro bindings on clearance all over the internet. They are slightly lifted (4 mm). If you feel that you can get away with a DIN 12 binding, it may be a good value for you.

I don't know if your league has rules on binding height. I just did some measurements on some skis and bindings (I work with Sierra Jim). Depending on where the heel piece is mounted, an Axial 2 120 Pro can have a standheight from 55mm to 57mm. I know FIS rules and USSA rules have a maximum height of 55 mm.

I have a friend who has a pair of these bindings on his Fischer WC SL. His bindings sits right on the 55 mm mark.

I'm sure others on the board have opinions on this.


Just edited: Depending on length of bootsole and the bindings, it is good to see if there will be any conflicts with the screws of the bindings will conflict with the mounting screws of the plate. I haven't checked on this.
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Go online to www.raceskis.com, select the year and model of your ski, then it will tell you the best compatible binding. I suspect that you will be looking at the FF 17's.
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