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The Beginning of the End-Tubing Arrives..

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my delightful little throwback mountain here in western, ma has installed a Tubing Park for this winter.

I love skiing and Patrolling here at Berkshire East-mostly because skiing takes center stage over all other peripheral nonsense that plagues most other ski areas (frankly, compared to a lot of other patrols--we get a ton of skiing time!).

I know t's a business and I'm sure the tubing Park makes sense-I'm just also sure that our injury work load is about to double and we'll have too keep a few Patrollers stationed at the park full time (I pro-patrol during the week and when the school groups show up at 3:15-it's business time-now, it'll be rush hour!).

Oh well-upward and onward.
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Not necessarily, for years we had a high relative percntage of tubing calls, then after a few years of tweaking the tubing runout area, last year we had a significant decline in overall tubing related calls.
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I highly doubt that you'd need any patrollers stationed there. Maybe at first until they can work out any kinks in the run.
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At my local area, they have a tubing park. I've never been there for a ski patrol related thing (I've tubed there once, though).
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There are severeal tubing parks at ski resorts here in the Sierras. I was sure my 10 year old would prefer to tube over ski all in the name of fun fun fun. I dreaded him seeing them. I was wrong. Schussing down the hill on skis is a bigger thrill to him. He doesn't even notice the tubing right next to him. Half the time it's shut down anyhow. Few go there, they are on the mountain to board or ski. Re: your original concern for patrol calls, other employees are running the tubing & management should train to what the needs & incidents are.
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We also have tubing at our little throw back mountain.Not too many accidents thankfully,but make sure they don't let people wear ski boots when they are tubing.Had one guy end up kicking a lady in the head as he was spinning down the tube.Also,try and ensure that they have mats at the bottom too slow people down.We had one girl,a patroller actually.go up and over the mound at the end of the slide, and ended up leaving on a backboard.The designers built a huge "up-slope",as a method of slowing the tubes down.Didn't work.Mats seem to be pretty effective.On the plus side,it seems to keep a lot of the never-never's off the hill.Our hill now gives first timers rentals,lift tickets and lessons and when they are done with their lessons,they are free to use the inner-tube park as long as they want.That way the get some instruction,can practice a bit and when they get tired they can go tubing.Much better way to end the day,as opposed to a toboggan ride.
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The Summit at Snoqualmie in Washington has a good setup for tubing and is very popular on the weekends. Some keys are large enough snow mounds in between lanes to prevent crossover and a long run out area.
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