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Volkl AC4 comments

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I'm doing some research for my next ski, and have heard alot of good things about the new Volkl AC4. My current ski is the dynastar 8000 in 172cm, probably from 2005. I have enjoyed this ski, im 6"2, 87kg and pretty aggressive. Im probably a level 8 skiier and this ski served me well OS, but in Australia there isnt too much snow and we are confined to groomers alot, so at higher speeds the ski's chatter a bit.

Im thinking the volkl in a 176 or 178, for my next pair.

I like to ski everything, more off piste when i can. Im going to jackson in jan and probably japan at end of 08, so a bit of powder will be skiied hopefully in the coming year.

Any comments on this ski or a more suitable one would be much appreciated.
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Here are my comments from another thread:

Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier View Post
2 Skiers:

Skier 1
Age: 19
Ability: High Level 8
Conditions: Warm slush, bumps, groomers, crud
Height/weight: 5' 8"; 160lbs
Boots: Nordica Dobermann Pro 130

Skier 2
Age: 24
Ability: Level 9/Racer
Conditions: Warm slush, bumps, groomers, crud
Height/weight: 5' 7"; 160lbs
Boots: Nordica Dobermann WC 150

2008 Volkl AC40 Carbon [177cm]

I now know why everyone raves about this ski. At 82mm in the waist it is wide enough to get through most conditions. Compared to the race skis that I normally ski on these skis felt very light. I skied these on soft, rough groomers, and bumps. I found them to be very nimble for being a modern midfat that is really more at home in bigger turns. I was able to carve them into GS and even SL (yes SL) turns. The problem that I had with the ski was that it didn't wow me on any aspect of it's performance. My brother (who was the other skier) felt the same way. They ski really ski quite well, but they do not seem to excel at anything - except for maybe the ability to make ACTUAL slalom turns (brother's comment after he saw me doing that was, "wow I didn't know those skis could do that"). My brother really seemed to enjoy the AC40 when he skied on it but after he skied the Tigershark he was not as enthusiastic about the AC40... and those were my thoughts as well, but we will get to that. My gripe is that they did not feel 'powerful' like some have claimed, and got kicked around more easily than I was expecting... but then my two "over 70mm skis" are Machete FB's and Stockli DP's, so I might be comparing apples to oranges in the stability category.


Coming off a softer ski you might find the AC40 to be just what you're looking for, but I felt that it was a ski that was hyped up a lot in terms of stiffness, being powerful, being stable, and being a lot of ski to ride on. I am pretty small and the 177 was about the amount of ski I wanted on my small 900' hill... If I were out west I might be considering the 184 if I were to actually purchase the ski. I did like their quickness though - that was the one thing that really impressed me. For a midfat they seemed to have a respectable amount of energy (not talking slalom ski here, but at least above average). For what you are looking for, and considering your ability, I think the skis will suit you just fine. Anything stiffer might end up throwing you around. They also handle reasonably fast recreational speeds pretty well. In big arcs I could see them being chattery because of the small turn radius though. For a 50/50 ski where you are skiing soft snow but not always fresh powder it is a good ski, but it definitely does not shine in any one area... probably due to it's "all-mountain" nature.


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The AC-4/40 will be a better ride on the groomers, will have better grip when the snow is really hard, and generally be more stable. The ski that you have will be better in off piste conditions especially when the snow is soft, be generally more nimble, and will be better in powder assuming equal lengths.

What are your priorities?

BTW......I think that the 8K you have is a bit short for you.

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The AC4 were unremarkable for me. I found them to be average on all accounts. They were not a bad ski, but they did not do any thing well. I would pick the 8000 over the AC4. That is just me..
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I have 8k's and have tried the AC4's at length. I like the AC's, but they aren't as snappy as the 8k's, but did not chatter as much - sort of going from a M3 to a Lexus.

If I had to pick one, I'd stick with the 8k's. If I wanted a more powder ski with the same type of feel, I'd go with the 8.8k, or the Mythic Rider.
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