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Interior Mid-Atlantic Gathering-7Springs?

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I thought we should start a discussion about a Gathering for the Western PA, MD, OH, and WV Gathering. In years passed we've gotten together at Seven Springs mostly because they have the best snowmaking and most coverage in the region. They can rebound fast after a melt down too. We've usually held it in January or February.

So I ask all interested people, what do you think? Should we stay at Seven Springs, move to another location such as Blue Knob, Wisp, Timberline, Holiday Valley, NY.? Should we pick a location like Roundtop or Whitetail to entice Philly area skiers?

What about dates, pick now and hope for the best, wait until the start of the season and pick a date when long term weather forecast are more accurate?

Let's hear some feedback, folks.
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Something I do most years anyway, but that could also be enticing to others is the Sunday in mid-December when Wisp offers their annual Birthday Weekend prices. Usually it is $7 per lift ticket on that Sunday, which this year is Dec 10, 2007.

The date is kind of early this year so conditions could be marginal (although most years this century they've been good to excellent for this event). Maybe this could be a play it by ear thing for eager beavers/bears and you could also pick a more certain date somewhere else for later in season when conditions are more prime.
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I'd like to get in on this and meet some western PA skiers. Just moved to Pitt last year. 7Springs, Blue Knob, or Holiday Valley are all good for me. I'll be in Utah the 2nd or 3rd week of Jan.
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Holiday Valley is a long way from civilization. Is that mid-Atlantic? I'm not going there, OK, maybe that's a plus for HV. Roundtop is too small, too core for us (no bar). Whitetail sucks. Philly area skiers would be suckers if enticed to ski there.

I think our region has two worthy ski areas , not resorts. Blue Knob and Whitegrass. Most of us are downhill skiers, so Blue Knob. Seven Springs as the back up plan if the weather is seasonal. Have they started blowing yet?

Plan C, if Canaan is getting dumped on the night before the event and Laurel Highlands isn't, we go there. Yes, last minute change of plans OK with me. Wisp would be OK too, no Snowshoe, no Poconos.
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Count me in, if it is at all possible. Don't forget Snowshoe, Timberline, WV.
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Lars and Heluva are making a strong case for Holiday and the draw for northern OH folks is there too. Gatherings in the past have drawn heavily from DC area making the haul to western most NY prohibitive. Perhaps the answer is two gatherings. It's been many years since I've been to HV, pomas still on the mountain on skiers far right. I might be up for that but I'll have a hard time coughing up money for overnighters so I'll be limited to one day. I will not pay for lodging at Mid-Atlantic ski areas. The terrain is mostly the same (advanced intermediate) and I'll spend my cash in NE or out west. I've got to be picky with very limited budget.

My preference is Blue Knob (really its Laurel but since we're closed). When there's decent natural coverage there is real expert terrain and enough snowmaking to keep the intermediate and novice sliders happy for a day. Extrovert and Stembogen are covered so there should be something for experts too.

I say let the debate continue and Lars and Heluva should spearhead the HV Gathering. For the DC and WV Bears, let's weigh in on Blue Knob, 7 Springs or Timberline. I've only been to Wisp once many, many moons ago. Is there any sustained steeper pitches and tree skiing?
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I'll second the emotion for Laurel Mt. if conditions are right.
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Lars, no offense taken. The more opportunities to get together the better. You and Greg are well connected and could offer real value for the community. I encourage you to take the lead and present your plan. I'm sure there will be enough takers to make it worth the effort. Let's keep the debate in this thread for now and see how things pan out.
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Depending on when it's held, I'd certainly be in for a day ( I can drive down from Rochester easily enough).
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Where the heck is Laurel Mountain? I always thought this was a part of 7-Springs. I'd be up for about any of these places. Obviously, Hidden Valley would be a stretch for me coming from further south. I do have relatives in PA and NOVA so I might be able to work something out.

Seven Springs has some decent runs. A nice jump leading into Goosebumps and a spine at the end that was fun to jump from side to side on.

I've only been to HV once, I remember there was a nice tree run there. The demo day sounds pretty sweet. Not into the gambling thing.

Blue Knob can be pretty sweet if the snow condions are good. They used to have some tree runs and leave some ungroomed.

Timberline also used to leave some runs ungroomed. Pretty inexpensive lift tickets.

Wisp used to have a good mogul run to the far left looking up the mountain. Main street? There was also a short tree run which opened up into a short ungroomed run.

Snowshoe too far South? Just wondering.... Intrawest has pretty much ruined the Mt. as far as I'm concerned. This is the closest decent skiing to me, followed by Timberline and Canaan.

I have a 4x4 extended cab Silverado, snow tires, locking rear diff. I'd be willing to work out a road trip if possible.

FWIW, there should be minimum 2 mid-atlantic gatherings with this bunch!
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Originally Posted by Johnnys Zoo View Post
Where the heck is Laurel Mountain? I always thought this was a part of 7-Springs.
Well since you asked here's a profile from DCSki.com:

Laurel Mountain

Laurel was operated by 7 Springs one year but when the Dupres sold 7 Springs in the off season the new owners opted out of operating Laurel. Laurel Mountain is located on the same mountain ridge as 7 Springs about 12 miles north as the crow flies. The name of the mountain ridge... Laurel Ridge.
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Yes, I guess the poor season last year didn't help Laurel.
Might still be fun if you have a snowmobile.
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I believe backcountry skiing is allowed on the slopes of Laurel Mountain. Don't know about snowmobiling.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
I believe backcountry skiing is allowed on the slopes of Laurel Mountain. Don't know about snowmobiling.
It gets skied all the time though I don't know about snowmobiling, if your really interested there are TR's on telemark tips.

I would be down for Blue Knob, its like three hours from my house but I really like saying Stembogen.
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I guess I should be more specific. I meant use the snowmobile to get up and then ski down. Works best with 2 people. Or 2 people and 2 snowmobiles. This would work great if you had a good camera. One person skis while the other shoots. I am interested in backcountry skiing. I don't have the right gear though.
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I knew what you meant, Johnny. It had slipped my mind that specialized equipment is needed for BC skiing when I suggested Laurel Mt for a gathering. I haven't done much backcountry either.
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OK, we're free from the Holiday Valley Thread so let's hear some more thoughts on a Interior Mid-Atlantic event. I'm all for Blue Knob if conditions are good with 7 Springs as a back up if there isn't decent natural coverage. I think the weekend before or after Presidents Weekend should be a good pick for least crowded prime time weekends.
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:I didn't think the dates for HV would work for me anyway. Either Blue Knob or Seven Springs would be fine with me. I'll be in Mammoth 1/12/08 to 1/19/08. Presidents day is Feb. 18th right? I should be able to work with that.
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I would really like Wisp for location, snow making and family.....but no real expert runs---unless there are moguls. That said, I can have fun on any slope, anywhere. Skied Wisp once last year....in a full blown rain storm. I think the lift attendants were P/O'd everytime they had to come out to "assist" me getting on the lift. They got very wet.

Not me, I went between the rain drops.
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There are some folks from DCSki.com looking to get together at Wisp on Dec. 9 for cheap skiing. Dec. 9 is Wisps birthday weekend.

I'm thinking that the weekend of Feb. 23/24 will work best for me as I'm planning on being in Utah for the big Gathering and staying until Saturday Feb. 9.
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Feb 23/24
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I'm new to Charlottesville, VA, but I've heard already that 7 Springs is the best choice in the region. I don't have a firm handle on my schedule in Jan/Feb yet, but I'll tentatively plan to take part if its in reasonable driving distance.
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I can only commit to Dec 9 at Wisp right now (assuming weather cooperates), but Feb 23/24 sounds like a good target date for later gathering at Seven Springs, Blue Knob or wherever.
EJL10: you have a pretty good mtn (by mid-Atlantic standards) in your backyard called Wintergreen. Nothing with a huge pucker factor, but definitely worth checking out this winter. Some thoughts here:
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I'm thinking about it. Would be great. This month could be hard to plan for me because my wife may be out of town a lot then, which means I'd need to stay home. Won't know for sure until mid-Jan. Also looking at the other one.
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Great, generating some interest. Just FYI, Crescent ski council is having a race weekend at Timberline Jan. 3-6. I'll probably be there. Come watch me eat snow fence!:
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I'm pretty sure I could make 23/24 Feb @ 7Springs. The following week we are heading to SLC. For the first time since high school I got a season pass and new skis. I'm beside myself with giddyness. With the new 6pack on Gunnar I'll be heading over there ASAP every morning and doing laps. Should be tired by lunch then off to the goggle. FYI - this will be my first gathering, be gentle.

ejl10 - We lived in Charlottesville for about 6 months back in 2001. Cool University town on the edge of the Shenendoah (sp?) Natl Forest. Had a great encounter with a mama black bear there. Wintergreen is close and the lodge on top of the mountain is kinda unique. 7 springs would definately we worth the drive though. About 4 hrs if I remember.
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Wintergreen had a really bad season last year. They cancelled races, etc. I was half expecting them to close for good.
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I'll chime in, and say I could probably make the Feb 23/24 dates @ 7 Springs. I know for sure I could at least make it up for one of the days as I'm only about 1-1/2 hour drive away.
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I should probably be able to make it. I'm about 4 hours away now but grew up in the Pittsburgh area.

Just tell me when
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I'm interested.
Don't think I could do January though.
You guys set it up and I'll figure out if I can go.
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