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My son (now 6) has inherited my very wide feet. He is definitely an extra-wide. For the past two years, I have leased for him pairs of Alpina Be3. If you have never seen these boots, they are marvalous for kids - soft, comfortable, and easy to remove for bathroom breaks. His skiing has really taken off with these boots.

My shop has stopped carrying Alpinas due to spotty distribution and I cannot find any online dealers, so I am left having to find a new option. Are their any suggestions? I know that he will need to try on the boots, but it is pretty difficult to go around without a plan, particularly in kids boots since each shop tends to only carry a couple of options. According to his shoe size, he should be in a 19/19.5 mondo size and he weighs about 60 lbs. My concern is much more about his comfort than performance due to his age. I have spent most of my life fitting into narrow boots, and now have the bunions to prove it.