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SLC urban legends

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First of all, law enforcement is doing a fabulous job, and thank you all for being so vigilant, especially the unpaid volunteers from agencies all over the country who are using their vacation time to protect the games.
That said, here's the legend. A couple weeks before the games, officers discovered a fifty caliber sniper rifle, in a case, stashed in the hills above Heber Valley, where Soldier Hollow is. It appeared to have been there for quite some time. The local T.V. news made a big fuss over the capabilities of such a powerful weapon and displayed a 50 cal. shell dwarfing a 30.06 cartridge. We all were duly alarmed. Well, I have it on perfectly unreliable authority that what really happened was; several years ago some local teenagers got dead drunk and unknowingly broke into an F.B.I. car..they found several nifty fire arms, the trophy being the rifle which they hid in the hills. When they were caught, all the guns were recovered but the 50.. the kids were so drunk they had no memory as to where they'd hidden it.It remained undisturbed for years until the pre-olympic security sweep turned it up.
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I saw a guy dig all day looking for a ski he lost in the Jackson backcountry a number of years ago. If the games were held in Jackson do you think the security sweep might find it for him???
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I heard about that the other day, however I didn't hear about the teenagers. The news was really funny and blew that way up!
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