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Another sport drink post.....

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There has been a lot of new drinks on the market, each claming superior performance, among them are:
can you give these a look and give your opinion? will any benefit you over the other
1- endurance?
2- hydration?
3- recovery?
here's a chart

another mixture is an Ironman cocktail which is Cytomax or Accellerade, Metabolol Endurance & carb-pro,
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Hi ......i came across this board while doing some searches for cramp prevention.

I tried a great new product at a running event in south florida called lyte'n go. Its a chewable tablet that is sugar free and helps to replace several lost electrolytes and really helped with my cramps.

Its sort of like a sweet tart...and does not require any water.....just pop it in my mouth and chew it up.

Seemed to work much better then the drinks i've used in the past.....especially since its portable.....very easy to carry in my pocket.

Great flavor and no cramps!!!!

I later found them a google search for lyte'n go.
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Interesting. I'l follow link when I have more time. What do you do for hydration?
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I use Accelerade during and after my workouts. My swim coach introduced me to it and I buy a big 4 lb. jug of the powder that yeilds about 60 servings for $30. I was drinking Gatorade during my swim workouts and have more endurance and less muscle soreness since I started drinking the Accelerade. Another bonus that I think may be due to the 4:1 carb. to protein ratio is that when I get home from my workouts I'm not eating everything in the house. The Accelerade kinda fills you up.
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good stuff, I used cytomax last season and it's better than sport drinks for sure, I just bought the Accellerade and will give it a go. Any personal experience is appreciated.
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I use Accellerade during, and Endurox after for cycling. I mix the Accellerade a little weaker than they suggest- that's my personal taste. Maybe it's mental, but when using the Endurox I feel looser and recovered the day following a hard ride. As for skiing, I drink water and sometimes PBR's afterward. Never really used anything to supplement.
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I doubt that there is a significant diference between these high end products. The most important thing to me, personally, seems to be to have a recovery drink after an event.

My probelm with most of these drinks is that they have a sickly sweet flavor. When biking, I always have two bottles one with a sport drink and one with water.

I've been using Cytomax for years which seems to work well. Recently I tried the Cliff drink which seemed less sweet than the Cytomax.

I've never used a sport drink while skiing. Sometimes I'll ski with a water bottle but usually not..
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A lot of energy output and same physiological need for recovery and hydration. Especially at 9-10K feet.
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I would agree, fundamentally they are the same. I think finding one that works for your body as an individual is what matters. Personally I have tried other products which have similar ingredients and claims, but have made me nausious (sp) when using them during prolonged stints on the bike.
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agreed. I have used Cytomax without issue. I am going to try Accelerade and Endurex mixture. I have read similar "cocktails" on Ironman and triathalon sites.
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You guys must all be real lean to require all these specialized drinks after a workout. I am always seeking to stay lean or get lean, so after going to the gym and 30min -1hr of cardio, I drink some creatine, wait 30minutes and have a high protein, low carb meal. This way I give my body the protein needed for repair, but do not impair my ketogenesis/fat burning with a sugary sport drink.
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I used Accellerade all summer. Great product. Since I started using it, I've had no cramps, even on long rides over 200k on road or over 5 hours mtb. It also seems to do a good job of keeping the energy up. Cytomax is too syrupy for me. I've also used eLoad on hot days in combination with Accel.. eLoad has a higher electrolyte content. On rides greater than 80k I drink every 15 minutes and eat every hour (a partial bar or a gel). If I eat too much more, I tend to get nauseous, because the extra food is not absorbed. For me, eating on long hard rides is a bit of a balance between too much and too little.

After long rides I always use some sort of "recovery" drink. Lately, I've used Powerbar recovery drink, but I just bought some stuff that is made for the Canadian National x-country team that was very inexpensive in bulk. There seems to be enough research to support the idea that people have about a 30 minute window during which glycogen is best replaced, and that a mixture of low and high glycemic index carbs plus some protein does this best. Personally, I was a bit skeptical about recovery products. However, after riding a lot (350 to 400k per week including a century (100 miles)) every weekend, I came to appreciate recovery drinks more. I simply had more oomph the next day when I used these products.
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Great info. Much appreciated.
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I tried a new product last year called enlyten strips. They are like the Listerine pocket packs but have electrolytes instead. It's kinda like gatorade in a strip. Gatorade, powerade and the like always upset my stomach when I workout or ski so these were a nice alternative.
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