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It's like figure skating - and I LOVE figure skating - but you have an entire mountain to explore and terrain changes which require spontaneous uses of technique.  It's far more exciting than skating around an indoor, and perfectly level, oval shaped indoor structure blaring crappy music on bad speakers.  (Woah. Flashback to skating practice with Dreamweaver by Gary Wright playing.  Hey, I started when I was 5.)  I got bored figure skating but skiing is an adventure and the skills are not just for frills or fluff.

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What Motivates a Beginner to Take Up and Continue Skiing?

1) Peer pressure and 2) early success.

The trick? Finding peers who push but don't overpush.
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Haha.  You're assertions about figure skating are very similar to my assertions about basketball.

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Skiing is great fun.  If a beginner has good instruction and is fairly comfortable when learning, he/she will probably continue.  This is one reason I encourage people to start very late in the season: the weather is much warmer and the snow is usually better (in the East) or at least consistent (in the West).  The very low retention of skiers should worry the industry.  I don't know about the rates for children vs. adults, I expect it is vastly better for kids.  I earlier lambasted the teaching of non-parallel maneuvers to beginners.  That post disappeared.  I hope that message was not deleted because of content.


The cost is manageable if a beginner wants to continue the sport after a couple of skiing days.  He can buy new boots and used skis: with good tuning, this setup can last many seasons.

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Being more in the beginner category still I'll share what makes me enjoy skiing as well.


Most of the points have been posted already, but hey, it's my thoughts anyways, right?


I tried skiing because my father started skiing again and was loving it. I'm a very athletic person and gave it a shot. 

I spent most of my day on my butt or back. I got the hang of things at the end, then my ski's bindings came apart. Ooops! Screw came loose and the biding opened up. I didn't fall though! 
No matter how much I fell before that, it was still unique and fun experience. 

I cannot really explain WHY I want to keep skiing, but I do. I got hurt really bad my first year, and I still want to ski today. 

I'm no expert skier, but I have a great time. I get to spend time with friends and family and do something I completely enjoy, and I'm not even really sure why I enjoy it.


Pretty girls Do motivate me slightly to keep skiing, cause they look really good going down the hill in front of me. haha.


No really.

I get to the top and just stand there and look around like an idiot to scared to go down the hill. People look at me strange, but I just look around at the surrounding area (and mind you the hills here in Michigan are no mountains) and just take it in and enjoy the scenery. The only bummer I have about skiing is that it's not really a look around and enjoy the sites kinda sport. Remember, it's a SPORT, its not a "leisure activity." You can go Cross country skiing anytime you want, not the same. haha. Never had much interest then that.

Though, always amused to see the Teli guys on the hill, they turn so weird. 

Skiing is a healthy activity for people to do that challenges you only as much as you want to push yourself. 
Can only snow plow? Well, take that pizza wedge wherever you want.

Want to hit moguls? No? okay, then don't.
There are no real defined set of rules with Skiing like that, which makes it a unique sport. You can ski like a beginner the whole morning and bust powder down some untouched trail in the afternoon (Okay, one would hope). 

I'd love for more friends to ski. I suggest them to try it. Get a lesson as most people here would say. Having a friend teach you isn't always a great idea, unless your friend is an instructor. I got lucky in that regards. 


As I see a few others have said here, good equipment fitting is essential to skiing well. 

If you are interested in skiing, read up on how boots should fit! That way you know your boot is on right. Some rental places might not care. (I hope not!!!)

Ski's make a difference as well. A poorly waxed and edge'd ski is going to make you miserable all day. 
I had a frustrating pair of ski's to learn on, but they were tuned and waxed good. 


Oh, if a beginner is reading this. You'll probably overdress your first day too. 
I'm sure thats normal. 
I wore way to much, I'm so used to freezing whatever I do. Skiing keeps you warm.

I just wear under armor and a normal shirt now, pair of long underwear and pants. 
I went my first day with under armor, 2 shirts, a fleece sweater and a ski jacket. Yeah, even the jacket was soaked.


Get a nice set of gloves too if your gonna ski. I hate it when my hands get cold. =(

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