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Belleayre racing

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I was just looking around for racing opportunities and training at the various mountains closest to me and happend to notice that Belleayre really has a lot going on in this regard and at good prices. Any adults here do any racing, workshops, camps, or training there? If so how is it?
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I took a 3-hour private with their ski-school director last year, Don Boyce (?). Not sure about the last name but if you poke around their web site you'll find him. Can't speak to racing instruction or workshops in particular, because the focus was bumps, but it was the best ski instruction I ever received, it really paid off over the rest of the season. Based in part on that experience I'm going to enroll in their 10-week adult weekend workshops. Talking with Don my impression was they break the group down by interest/ability level and it's priced reasonably -- $300 for 2-hour workshops, every Sat and Sun a.m. for 10 weeks.
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