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SMART Friends!

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I thought we needed a topic that was a bit more postive! [img]smile.gif[/img] If you are looking to imporve your skiing, and want to ski with more advanced skiers, hook up with fellow Bears on any of the many Meet on the Hill Gatherings.

It always amazes me how the countless reading of posts and observing videos has enabled so many non instructors to pick out subtleties and nuances in the technique of other skiers.

Last year, Bob Peters, Si, Pierre and JimmyD got me down from the trails at Snowbasin, through the crud and low visability. Two years ago at Okemo, Tog realized that although I had begun to ski some black trails at 3:00, at the end of a 3 day workshop, I was perhaps too tired to attempt some more challenging ones. This year, Stmbres and Tom B picked up on the exact moment when my skiing abruptly changed, and asked if I was well hydrated. Ryel guided me through my turns at The Canyons, where there was a lot more powder than I am used to. Bonni and SkierJ noticed when I was starting to get frost bite.

Its also great to watch excellent skiers who are not instructors. You can see form and style that is at least, semi attainable. IMHO, friends who simply say "C'mon you can do it!" are not much help. If they are skiing the advanced trails pretty poorly themselves, they really don't serve as role models.

BTW, I would never suggest a "steady diet" of this sort of skiing. Being the constant "kid brother or kid sister" can get a bit old. But if you are trying to "up the ante" between lessons, ski with your smarter friends! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I'm one of the lucky one's I get to ski with high level skiers as well as equal level and a few lower level every now and then.

When I get to ski with friends that are higher level instructors I have no problem if they want to give me things to work on. It all goes in to makeing me a better skier.

And as I read somewhere, "the better I get the more fun this becomes".
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Originally posted by Ugli Pupferknick:
iFeel the love!
LOL! Best played in a full office with the volume up.

Then wait for the "who was that" comments and laughs.
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