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Hardly seems like a trip. Being as Yosemite NP is an hour away from us. But be that as it may, I thought I'd share two shots from yesterday when we drove to Yosemite NP. Ya gotta love this place.

And yes, we got snow above 8000 feet day before yesterday.

El Capitan and Half Dome.
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SNPete we had the priviledge of visiting Yosemite in 1984 - looks like nothing much has changed - ancient vistas that would take you breath away.
My most vivid memory is of climbers in bivvy bags hanging camped off the cliff face at night on El Capitan or Half Dome (can't remember which). Some people have a strange idea of what fun is!
Thanks for the memory refresher.
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mmm Glacier Point?..:

love Yosemite, did a bunch of popular stuff this year it was grrrreat!
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Your Amazing pictures still dont do it justice.
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I was planning a late trip to Yosemite for this very week in 2001. I was still in the Army and we were doing an exercise in Hungary. Plan was to get home to North Carolina on the 16th and fly to Fresno on the 23rd. I spent more than 48 hours straight (no sleep) getting "the unit" deployed from Fort Bragg to Hungary via the UK just after Labor Day. I managed to get a 4-hour power nap and walked into our ops center to see a strange note on the situation board: "Plane hits World trade Center at 1354Z" (Zulu time is the same as GMT). I asked the watch officer how that tied into our exercise....when he said it's no exercise, I couldn't believe it. Our techies were scrambling to get CNN up on the satellite dish and we saw the second plane hit. Needless to say, I didn't make the trip to Yosemite. I deployed "the unit" back to NC on September 16, we did a quick planning cell and we were in the theater of operations on September 24. Still trying to get that trip in...

Great pics!
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Snow will be there soon. And when the snow comes, the crowds leave.
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