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Video questions

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Is there a video sharing site that allows playback in either normal speed or slow motion? (And maybe none do because of Flash.)

Is there a video sharing site that is either better or easier to use than another?

Is there easy, cheap, video editing software that works well for ski videos to be uploaded to a sharing site? I'm thinking of putting in slow motion sections or stills or anything else useful for skiing....

Any other suggestions about videos? I finally got a camcorder. (Three things I've learned already about the camcorder...practice, practice, practice.)
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It's not the sharing site so much as it's the software that plays the video. Maybe it's a market opportunity for a video sharing site to offer a format and player that provides slow motion because I've never seen one. Convincing the established player makers to offer slow mo is a tough sell, but not impossible. It will probably happen eventually. Getting a newcomer in the market offering the capability is more likely, but it's tough to get enough critical mass to be a player in the player market. The most likely solution for what you're asking is a third party viewer that replaces flash, media player or quicktime. But that can ugly too.

You've guessed the short term answer for authors: use video authoring software to make the cip with slow mo built in.

I've been using a crude but mostly effective approach for viewing in slow mo: I capture the flash based video and convert it to a standard format that my V1 software (free) can use to play slow mo or frame by frame. The capture tool I use is now called Replay. It costs money, but it's not too expensive.

Good hunting.
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I, too, use V1 software. The basic player is free, but the standard upgrade version is only $40. There is a professional version, but well over $1K. Our school will be using V1 all season as part of our teaching, combining on hill instruction with a comprehensive video review. We are actually going to put together a collage video of students, some of them repeat customers over 2 or 3 years to show changes and improvements. Hard drive space is pretty cheap these days and creating something to music and by making it informative, helpful and fun, we hope to draw more folks into these lessons. http://www.v1ski.com/
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Any number of cheap (<$100_ editors avail including WMM which prob comes with your PC or Imovie with your Mac.

I like Roxio Videowave.
I like youtube.

Here is me skiing poorly and crashing with slo mo version and music at our league champ race last March.


Check out my other vids.

Camcorder tip? Get a cam with image stabilization. BATTERIES BATTERIES BATTERIES. Cold eats 'em. Store in an inside pocket and buy extras.

If you are video-ing a large number of skiers or racers from one spot - I have rigged up a power pack backpack that contains an emergency 12v jump start battery with "cigarette lighter" plug, a 12V converter (looks like a big gulp cup with 2 110v plugs), the power cord and battery charger for the camera. That beast will run a Camcorder all day (all week?) regardless of temp. I am working on a smaller lighter version.
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