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Atomic Balanze Queston

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Gee. Skiing is just around the corner. I am looking for some 07 vs 08 Balanze infomation. Since the 08 model names don't line up with the 07 models, does anyone know what new model replaced the 07 Balanze B9:7? And while I'm asking does anyone also know what type of skiing/skier the B9:7 was indicated for? I'm a Metron B5 guy but was looking at a last year's Balanze B9:7 for my wife. Thanks and let it snow!

20 minutes later: I think I have answered my own question. I think the new ski is the Royal Minx, but I would still like confirmation if anyone knows.
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I'm not knowledgeable about the 08 Atomic line this year, so I don't have your answer, but then it seems that you figured it out fairly well.

But.......in the interest of adding confusion, has she demoed?
There are some phenomenal women skis available that she may really get excited about.

Some of my favourites are the Elan Wave Spice, Nordica Olympia Conqueror, Olympia Speed, and though I haven't had the opportunity to demo it yet, I hear great things about the Volkl Fuego!
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