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Looking at TWC gives me the creeps

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I was just looking at the weather channel and noticing the pressure gradients over the UP of Michigan. It brings back a flood of memories of November 11,1975. The infamous Fitzgerald storm. I was trying to drive into Houghton from Atlantic Mine and was blown upside down in my high centered FWD. I was pinned between the seats and the roof while gasoline was dousing me in the high winds from the gas tank. I wasn't severely injured but was chemical burned from the gasoline. It took 2 1/2 hours to get me out. I was severely hypothermic.
I have never seen a storm like it since. A real white hurricane.
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ugg, how horrifying! glad you got out okay....

hows the weather there now?

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That's a lonely stretch of road. Lucky they found you.
We had a "white hurricane" down here a couple years ago.(100mph winds). My two St Bernards were lost in it. I thought they were dead for sure. Turned up a mile down the road chasing cows with the farmers dog. Filthy and smelly but alive. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Man you guys get some kind of weather!

Pierre, what a harrowing experience. It is no wonder TWC freaks you out. Gives me the willies to think of it. Glad that you were OK.
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That would freak anybody out. Helplessness is never any fun. Glad you made it. Did you stay calm? How?
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That would give me the willies too. Glad you are still with us.

I'm glad all we have to worry about out here is earthquakes and power outages [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I just returned from Leelanau County. On Thursday night into Friday am we had sustained 35-40 mph winds, and that's after a previous 36 hours of 25-30 mph sustained winds. There were some wind gusts that exceeded 50 mph. Of course there was tremedous leaf drop with the winds and falling temps. The final stages of fall wre compacted into a few brief hours.

Looking at the weather channel you understood why. A major low pressure area was over the Eastern UP and Ontario Canada. Iso-Bars, lines indicating equal barametric pressure readings, were packed closely together around that low.

This was one of the most dynamic low pressure areas ove the midwest in some time.

The winds on the lake were fierce. Large and heavy rain drops blew horizontally, as did the wet sand on beach.

I would imagine that being out on the Lake in any craft was not a pleasant experience, with the possible exception of being on a 1000 footer running, with empty cargo holds, before the wind with plenty of room to manuver as needed.

Perfect weather for a lake mishap.
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TWC is the greatest thing since sliced bread though it may give you the creeps when the radar shows you what's on the way.

I just treat it the way that my filght instructor taught me to cope with a night time engine failure in a single engine aircraft.........

......... "at 1000' AGL, turn on the landing light, if you don't like what you see, TURN IT OFF".......

Up where you live carrying all that extra winter "survival" stuff in the car means something.
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Pierre, That`s a story you never told me....
When we ski together this season---we will swap. I fell into a tree hole heli-skiing--(the Bobbie Burns)-- and was left hanging upside down in the limbs just seconds from suffocation when my partner reached me , cleaned the super cooled snow from my mouth , released my bindings and poles and slid me down the tree limbs to a secure position . Looks like an early season here---so stay in touch--Larry C :
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Yoopers are a special breed. I have tons of respect for people who live up there.
Reminds me I crossed the High Bridge at Duluth/Superior last spring with 45 mph winds. SCARY! I can only imagine driving out in the open with 90+mph. I guess they close those bridges when they know of high winds but there's always gusts. A Yugo got blown off the Mackinaw Bridge several years ago. A coach on his way to a meeting in Marquette saw it happen and told us about it. I read about it later. The woman died. It's 450 ft deep there and the mean temp of Lake Superior is 35 degrees.
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