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Ski Length for 4.5 yo.

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My active athletic little guy is going to ski this year. I know I know - I should have had him on snow 3.9 years ago.

In any case, I have a source for chidrens skis, but I am a little in the dark for kids ski lengths.

He is, I guess about 4' tall and about 45#s. In Dec he will be 4 y 9m.

On a realted topic, little brother will be about 2 years 9 mo. Any thoughts on him as well. I donlt think he will be too excited about staying home while Max skis.

We are set for parkas, gloves etc. Need some helmets but on that. Any other tips for equipment etc etc are much appreciated.
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Sternum height. I really like the My First Dynastar for a firt-timer because it has the little scales on the bottom which will save you both some frustration. It also has a 75mm waist which wil give him more stability. I think it comes in 67, 80, and 93 lengths.
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Originally Posted by epic View Post
It also has a 75mm waist which wil give him more stability.
Wider width is hard to find in really short skis.
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That's a big kid!

I'd go mid face, no wider than 68. There's no point in the really short fat skis for a kid that big. The 75 width will be much harder to edge, the shorter ones will have much less fore/aft forgiveness.

We've always gone mid-face for starter skiis in my family, regardless of age.
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
the shorter ones will have much less fore/aft forgiveness.
Maybe that's a good thing.
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Big E. I think you are correct. I jsut stood up and eyeballed. Prob not that big. Seems like chest or chin with a decent waist is the call.
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Kids Ski Sizing

Every child is different but we suggest the following guidelines:
· Beginning skier: Skis should come up to child's chin
· Advanced beginner: Skis should reach between child's chin and nose

According to the above guidelines, the following table will help:
Ski Length in cm Measurement per above in inches
80 31.5
93 35.4
100 39.4
110 43.3
120 47.25
130 51.2

I hope this helps.

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Go chin/lower lip. You'll be surprised at how fast they learn.

Oh, and make sure the skis are sharp and well waxed. Don't detune the edges on the running surface, and make sure they slide well.

Don't forget boots that they can bend. They need that mobility to stay balanced.
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My son, who is now 5 and is a big kid, started skiing last year with K2 Apaches in 88cm (about chin height) as recommended by the ski shop. I leased for the season, and if I was buying, I would have gone with the next size up at 100cm to get another season of use.

I have a 2 and half year old too, and I leave her a home. She would not have a good time skiing because she is not coordinated enough yet.
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