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Mid march ski dilemna-where to go?

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I am looking at taking a trip out west from around 3/14-3/22. I am wondering what places have pretty good snow still that late in the season. I have hit Utah that late and the conditions were good, but the snow was kinda slushy and I am hoping to find something a little better.
Any Suggestions?
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Welcome Mackstraw. Generally things are still pretty primo at many Western areas then, so I don’t think you can hardly lose. But I hear you that if Murphy's Law comes into play conditions can occasionally be slushy at that time even at higher elevation resorts.
There's some good late skiing info here: http://webpages.charter.net/tcrocker818/fam_ski.htm
A few better candidates from disparate regions include Aspen/Snowmass, Mammoth, Bachelor, Sunshine.
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What do you mean late season? That's the prime of the season. Wait till the snow flies if you can before making your decision. If you can't, throw a dart at the map and choose anywhere west of the Mississippi.
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They are all still good at that time, but Utah is still usually one of the best. It is most likely to get the most snowfall. If you are concerned though, then you might hit one of the higher CO areas.
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yeah, thats really going to depend on the snow. i would think that colorado might be your best bet as they typically have higher elevations at more mountains than most of the big ski states as far as less slushy snow is concerned, but thats no guarrantee if CO gets a warm march and no storms coming thru.
if it were me, i'd pick a spot i liked with several places to choose from - slc, summt county, tahoe and get tickets for the best one when you get there.
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I am thinking Tahoe too. My only hesitation is that I skied there last year in January and there was no snow at all. I'm kinda thinking jackson hole might be nice but have gotten a few pointers towards mammoth too.
Thanks for the feedback.
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Most seasons mid-March is way too late for Jackson with the SE exposure.

Colorado has the widest selection of areas that preserve dry winter snow in March/April if that's your priority. Utah's Cottonwood Canyons get the most new snow.
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I'm thinking Copper due to its altitude.
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Thanks for the pointer on Jackson, I hadn't even considered the SE exposure factor. Does that apply to Targheee as well?
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Targhee's exposure is west. If you're in the region for a week, you'll want to ski both there and JH. Do not do it in March unless you are a personal powder magnet.
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No powder magnet sadly, but in the summer I am famous for being a rain god. People should pay me not to go vacation at their beach destination. Its rained on me in Vegas, I have ended droughts in Colorado and Hawaii and last month I brought a hurricane to the Caribbean.
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