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Ski bumming

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Hello.. I've been lurking this board for a year or to but haevn't posted. I can't recall anyone relating a lot of ski bum stories.. Have those of you that have been "ski bums" ever regretted doing so? Was it worth it? Would you do it again? I'm sure there are a lot of negatives, but then again, the plusses are pretty darn good. What are some of the negatives?
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well red,
r u thinkin of becoming a ski bum? I should write a book. im 19 two years outta high school and from a small town in wisconsin. i moved to sandpoint idaho last winter trying to get a job at the local ski resort. easy as pie. trust me theres more benefits than can b imagined!!!!!! i got a job in lift operations. yur thinkin out in the cold. well i can sacrifice a little cold for being able to RIDE ON THE CLOCK!!!!! everything at a resort is teamwork everyone tries to help everyone its kinda like a big family. the drawbacks are you have to live on not a lot of money. we dont get payed much, but what guy can say he skis to work every morning? my advice to you is go for it, be confident, there are a lot of positions to be filled at a resort in whatever field you like.


every man dies, not every man really lives.
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Although ski bumming appeals to me, I want to go to college. I know what my major is (Pysical therapy) and I'm thinking I could get a job in a ski town because there are somany inujuries-- then I could be a quazi-ski bum [img]smile.gif[/img]
If i started my own practice, i could work as little or as much as I want (no patients on pow-pow days) teeheeehee
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