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I need a narrow boot

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I'm 6'2 225 lbs,

I have a very narrow foot with a god arch and low instep. The length is ~ 30-30.5. I'm currenently using lange banshee 90's, thier quite stiff and the calf area isn't large enough. other that that the fit is good in the heel and forefoot. Can some give me thier thoughts on a boot that might be better as i'm a intermediate to advanced skier.

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The most narrow boot I could fined is Salomon Falcon 10
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dobermann pro ..
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Lange, nuff said.
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I have a similar foot as yours: extremely narrow (AA), and flat. I ski a Lange Comp 120 LF -- the "LF" stands for "low fit" which fits a lower volume foot. They also make it in a "medium fit" which might fit your higher arch better.

Another boot worth checking out is the Full Tilt. These are built from the same molds as the classic Raichle Flexon, which was always a rather narrow boot. I used to ski the Flexon exclusively until they stopped making them, then I switched somewhat reluctantly to the Lange. As another poster mentioned, the Salomon Falcon is supposed to be quite narrow, but I haven't personally tried them.
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What RR said.
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The narrowist fits will come from Saloman and also Atomic, or choose a boot that uses a custom fit option that will heat mold the liner to you foot.
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Every boot manufacturer now makes a variety of flexes in their 95/98mm last. Problem being the sizing of your foot as many of them aren't made after a size 29,5. Get your nearest bootfitter to do a full appraisal, you may drop a full size and give yourself a better choice.
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I like a tight fit in a ski boot. I have some old school qualities, I am told by the local shop guys. Surprise, surprise. Anyway, I keep cranking my boots tighter and tighter, even upper notch Langes and Atomic Race boots. I spent last season on the Falcon 10, very nice, not that my foot is particularly narrow, but the heel support is nice and snug, lots of buckle notches to really crank these babies down. My calf muscle did get pinched by the cuff and tongue initially, but I adjusted the '3D' strap up and presto, no pinchy! You are letting yourself down if you don't at least consider this boot with a narrow foot.
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Originally Posted by BlakeT View Post
The narrowist fits will come from Saloman and also Atomic, or choose a boot that uses a custom fit option that will heat mold the liner to you foot.
That is just plan wrong - Soloman and Atomic make very big boots except for there race or "plug" boots but that goes for any race boot. Also a heat mold liner will only stay snug for a few days.

Check out some of the Lange's --- Not the Fluid line, they are lange's high volume line. If you want a stiff boot almost all of the race boots are low volume.

And if you are having problems with the boot being to small in the calf get a heel lifts put in.
Hope that helps
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Unofficial Skier,

You have a few options. Take a look at the Dalbello Krypton Pro ID, or the Fischer Progressor or Heatfire. Both of these boots use a 98mm last,(C width) and have a low instep. Neither are the narrowest boots on the market, which use 95mm (B width) lasts, but neither are they the "full race" boots which use thin and firm liners that usually require substantial fitting.
Another option is Lange's Freeride series. The last is from their World Cup line which is about 97 to 98mm and the liners are little more plush than their World Cup counterparts.

If neither of the above will work, especially if you have a double or triple A width. Consider replacing the liner with a Conformable foam liner, or a Zip Fit liner. Both of these liners are injected and will fill in voids that standard liners cannot.
Also, when having a footbed made, make sure it is extra deep in the heel cup and that the heel cup extends forward towards the midfoot. This will also help contain a narrow foot.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask any further questions.

Brent Amsbury
Park City Ski Boot
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The above reply was intended for Sunit. Oops
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narrow boots

Lange makes narrow boots. A bootfitter will certainly help. With that high arch, a custom footbed is a must. Good luck.
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PCSB is spot on. Dalbello Krypton and Fischers are the narrowest mainstream boots. The shell of the Fischer however is a lot narrower than the Dalbello though, tossing in a Thermoflex liner or foam liner into a Fischer boot will easily satisfy you even on AAA width. Watch out though, only Fischer boots from the racing or freesking line are 98mm. In my opinion Lange world cup is wider than Fischer.

Other companies only offer such narrow boots in their semiplugs or plug section. Atomic and Salomon are really tanks and not narrow at all.

Nordic Hotrod or Doberman is another not too high up boot that is narrow.
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X3 on the Krypton Pro w/ ID liner.
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Re Krypton.
I have narrow feet and I've tried last saturday a Krypton Rampage - the only model left in the shop - to understand what the fuss is all about (that and I need new boots). I've found them wider than my old Rossis. And with many unconfortable pressure points. Definitely disapointed by the fit right from the box, and not what I'd call a narrow boot.
Are the Pros much tighter ?
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To the person that said the Falcons are not a good option....the Gun has a last of 98 and I think the Falcons are a little narrower than the Guns.

It is easily one of the best boots currently on the market if it fits your feet.
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Out of everything I've tried on this year, I thought the Salomon Falcons fit a low instep the best for a "normal" boot (ie not a race boot).

I would try on a few boots and see what YOU think.

IMO, I would try boots from these families (pick the flex you like):

1. Salomon Falcon (and I might note that the Gun is the same last as the Falcons)
2. Tecnica Race Pro
3. Nordica Doberman Pro (or Supercharger)
4. Lange World Cup or Freeride series
5. Dalbello Krypton

Keep in mind that not all of these boots will fit the same, even from the same maker. Liners are different, so some boots may feel tighter than others.

Good luck.
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I too have a narrow foot. on top of that, my right foot is 1/2 size longer than my left foot and a bit narrower than my left foot. very hard to fit.

i was in a comp 120, which i fit to my smaller foot, the left one. i punched out the right one but still ended up losing a big toe nail last february (and it still hasn't grown all the way back yet). this was my second year with the comp 120's and i probably would have been fine had i not gone to utah and skied my first real powder. never having skied powder before, i leaned too far back my first day and did my toe in. skied in pain for the remainder of the week and bought new boots the day i got back east.

i ended up with the krypton pro's with the id liner. and you're right, out of the box they weren't the narrowest. the first time they heated these boots up for a fit, they placed these guards on my toes. this was to make sure the toes had room.

still weren't tight enough. second time we did it without the guards; still not tight enough. the third and final time i had them heat the boots up without any guards or socks on. they are now officially dialed in.

skied with them from end of february till mid april. very, very comfortable.

these ID liners only need to be close. they can fill in a lot after the heating and cooling process.
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What Smallzookeeper said.
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Does the new Head Raptor series fall into this category of narrow boots?
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Originally Posted by BlakeT View Post
The narrowist fits will come from Saloman and also Atomic, or choose a boot that uses a custom fit option that will heat mold the liner to you foot.
You mean the widest:
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What about a K2 Full Tilt?
They must be narrow as they use the original molds from Raichle. But watch out for boot out with them nevertheless, the buckles are placed so low that bootout seems unevitable to me.
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Intuition thermofit liners. Best $200 I spent in 30 years sking :
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Are Krypton Pros the answer?

I posted this in the Boot Guys thread-thought I would give it a try here since there has been some good discussion on the topic...

Trying to do a comparison of Dobermanns with the Krypton Pro ID.

After 4 years of great performance from my Dobermanns WC 100's, (the ones that literally look like 1970's rentals boots!), I am considering making a move. The goal is to find something that is very low volume, in the ball park of my dobermanns in terms of responsiveness, and MUCH warmer. I am trying to avoid boots with a liner that is easily packed out.

I am 5'9", weigh about 175 and have been skiing for 30+ years. I spend most of my time in VT (bumps, trees, crud) and make it out West 1 or 2 times per year.

The Dalbello Pro with the ID liner is the current thinking, given it is moldable and said to be very warm.

Does anyone have any opinions about this boot or any oter that I should be thinking about????
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First Choice Lange World Cup 130
Second Choice Rossignol B Squad
Third Salomon Falcon
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Originally Posted by skinnydog View Post
Does the new Head Raptor series fall into this category of narrow boots?
Yep! particularly the Raptor 150 , which actually comes set a 140 from the factory, the lowest flex setting, which is the same as the highest flex setting on the Raptor 130.

The raptor 150 is 95mm in the forefoot and is damn narrow farther back.

But with enough grinding (a lot0 and some strectchin we got mine to fit! And I have a wide foot high arch and instep. Only skiing in them will tell. Also took off the new double Head power strap (way to stiff and unforgiving) and added booster straps placed between tongue 7 cuff. flex feels damn good!
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I tried the Dallello Krypton & the Nordica Doberman. I personally found the Doberman to be a very close fit, nice heel pocket. Room for my average hgt. arch. Went for the Krypton only because it was snug but not as close a fit. My foot isn't that narrow. Basically, I went for a little more comfort w/the I.D. liner because I was a little afraid of the really close fit of the Dobie. Figured I might consider that one when I become a more advance skier. Also, the Dobie had a lower cuff so may be able to accomodate your calf. Try one on.
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I would consider Fulltilt or Lange. From what I've read the new Lange are wider than before. I've read the same about Dalbello vs Raichle so I think the Fulltilt might be a good choice.
Also your Banshee Flex 90 are very soft, the Fulltilt might be just what you're looking for.

I second the opinions above regarding custom soles. It makes such a difference!
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