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How important are micro adjust buckles? I want a really close fit, will they help?

I've been reading everything in this important forum, the knowledge is really impressive.

I've come to learn that I need to find a boot with PU ether shell (for snow feel), without a soft cutthroat design (no loss of precision) and with a close fitting Heel Instep perimeter...I'm not sure how to tell how to achieve that. Would it be possible to make a plaster cast of my foot/ lower leg and send it to one of you (or all of you) so you could tell me what boot to buy?

I don't live very close to any good bootfitters and when I go to ski areas I don't go into the shops because they are all overpriced. It's not like this stuff is rocket science, geez. I don't want to spend too much, I want to upgrade from my Suburban to an Escalade so saving on boots will help a lot. Thanks.