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Diana Golden

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It appears we have lost one of the greatest competitive skiers this country has known. Diana Golden died recently from the cancer she has fought her whole life. She won more international medals than any other American skier.
I got to ski with her in Purgatory with the Dave Spencer Adaptive School...her love of the sport was inspiring and infectuous. Big time lost the Handicapped Sports community and skiing at large.<FONT size="1">

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What a loss. Thanks for the info Robin..
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thanks for the info guys. That's a shame...
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Talk about toughness. She will be missed.
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Bummer, bigtime. I have seen her race a number of times, and got the chance to chat with her on a lift ride once. Very classy lady.

Let's remember her for her sense of life, how well she LIVED. She ripped in everything, not just skiing.

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"Persistance is what wins, thats it".

Should be everyone's motto.
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I'll say! Also the stuff about getting up after you fall!
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