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Line Prophet 90

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Looking at the Line Prophet 90 and not certain if I need the 172 or 179.

Strong skier able to ski almost any line in all but the worst snow conditions. Looking for a ski that will do well for trips out west and ski OB, tress, powder, crud, with the occasional groomer and bump run thrown in.

Weight 155
Age 37
Strong legs and able to bend the skis hard all day...
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i'm guessing you live out east (saying you go out west).....you didn't give your height. That being said, this ski i thought was great for all New England conditions...let us know your height and i'll let you know.

I'm 6'0" 175 i ski the 179 length.
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I do live on the East Coast and don't get to ski as much as I did.

Height 5'11"
Weight 155
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definitely the 179. Maybe eat a little more at each meal too you will love it. (the skis, and the meals)
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IM 6'0 and 155 and I got the 179's. Only reason to go for the 186's at our weight is for more float, but i choose agility instead.
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and i personally think if you were loking with something with float at 1886 you should step up to at least the prophet 100. the prophet 90 in a 179 is a tremendous ski for most who are skiing in the east.
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