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I'm so amped!

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Hey all,
I started back up at the shop yesterday for this coming season. I wasn't thinking too much about this upcoming season, but after working for 2 days...i cannot wait at all for opening day at one of the socal resorts or mammoth...

i'm already eyeing new equipment even though i don't have much money...and i'm planning days I won't goto class so i can go skiing too :/ this is a bad addiction. Anyhow, just thought i'd let that out since it seems like i won't be getting much sleep tonight...i'm too excited about the upcoming season.

on a side note, is it me, or does it seem that the ski industry is picking up again? it seems like this year'll be much bigger than last...no?

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Dude!, 'mello' out
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Wanna know whats got me amped? To bad, I'm telling anyway!


Now move onshore!!!
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