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Which is better?

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Me and some friends are planning on taking a trip in January sometime but we dont know where to go. We are in NE Ohio and going to boston mills/brandwine gets old fast as their "hill" is only 300-400 feet high and the slopes last all of 2 minutes to ski down. Thats not very exciting for me. We are looking to do something a bit bigger. Not necessarily more advanced slopes because some are low skill to intermediate so we dont want any injuries. Most of us agree we like the idea of tree paths and longer passes down the mountains. I've heard holiday valley is good as well as 7 springs. Both of those are within 4 hours of us so they are possibilities but I dont now which is better. Whatever it is we will be staying at the resort or a hotel nearby. So if anyone else has been to either of those and has any opinions or suggestions I would appreciate any help! None of our group has been anywhere else so we dont know either. And if anyone has a better suggestion thats affordable Im open to it. Thanks!
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As a 7 Springs local I'm a little biased, but I would say 7 Springs. The mountain is a little bigger. Hidden Valley is geared more towards families. sounds like your group may be all adults in which case I would say 7 Springs has more of a night life (granted is no Whistler), several bars: foggy goggle, matterhorn etc. Both have expert through beginner terrain. New high speed 6 pack chair on Gunnar slope on the back side. This would let all of you ski together easily: advanced folks ski Gunnar and Giant Steps while others hit the more gentle trails that elbow off. Be warned 7 Springs gets crowded on the weekends. Start early and head over to the back side. Lapping on the new chair should get you exhaused by lunch, then hit the Foggy Goggle and enjoy some beverages.

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Jay, believe Turbo was looking for comparison between 7Sprs and Holiday Valley (in SW NY State), not Hidden Valley, PA.

Turbo, I've been to 7Sprs many times, but never Holiday Valley, from what I've heard they are very comparable. The ski trail layouts are pretty large horizontally, modest vertically. Holiday Valley is supposed to have an interesting nearby town (Ellicottville). 7Sprs is a stand alone resort with one of the largest base complexes in the mid-Atlantic. I'd say do 'em both a few weeks apart and then give us a report on how you liked each of them :-)

There are some old threads on this, here's one: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=23410
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Oops, sorry. Guess I got so excited about a posting referring to 7 springs I failed to read the "fine print". I've never been to Holiday Valley, but I would agree with JamesJ, do 'em both.
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Turbo6 - I live in Columbus and have been to both Holiday Valley and 7 Springs. As others have said they are somewhat comparable in terms of size and slope difficulty. My personal preference is Holiday Valley, for a few reasons. To me it seems to ski a little bigger than 7 Springs, even though they are probably close in size. 7 Springs seems to be more crowded also, since it is fairly close to Pittsburgh. Also, there is a town next to Holiday Valley, Ellicottville, which is nice. It also gives you more options for lodging than 7 Springs would. Last, but probably most importantly, it is worth your time to ski Holimont in Ellicottville also. However, it is members only on the weekends, so you would have to be able to ski it on a weekday. I think it is definitely worth it. The day I went I felt like I had the mountain to myself. Plus it is only about 2 or 3 miles from Holimont to Holiday Valley (with Ellicottville in-between the two). I stayed at the Wingate right in Ellicottville. Each ski hill was no more than a five minute drive away, plus I could walk to the restaurants and bars in town. I will warn you though - once you go, you will not want to go back to skiing Boston Mills/Brandywine anymore! If you want any additional info, feel free to send me a PM.
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After I thought about it, JayinPitt might have been on to something with the mention of Hidden Valley. Like Holiday Valley and Holimont, 7Spgs and Hidden Valley are very close to each other and might make a nice tandem. Additionally, Hidden Valley would normally be less crowded in comparison and should be on the upswing with new owners this season.
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My vote is Holiday Valley. I've skied there, but not at Seven Springs. However, I will note that Holiday Valley skis much bigger than it appears on the trail map. Its a pretty big place and its quite a nice selection of trails. There are several nice glades, and each peak has sort of an isolated feel- you really ski one peak at a time. The wall(the one double black) was steep, but not really the best, if you ask me. I love the variety of the trails there, the snow is pretty decent (just check the weather first), the lodges are good, Mardis Gras is a fun run due to its length and centrality to everything, and really I can't think of a bad run there. The greens in the Tanenbaum area are fun because several of them are sort of in the pines.
Not taking anything from Seven Springs, I just think HV is a very nice area for Midwesterners to drive to- and it takes me 8 hours drive to get there, and I still think its worth it.
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Well, I guess you'll be able to figure out my vote... I grew up skiing Holiday Valley and when kids came into the picture, I joined Holimont. I love the Valley and would recommend you give it a shot. Ellicottville (a drinking town with a skiing problem) is a hoot with something for everyone.

If your trip includes a non-holiday week day, you should try Holimont. It's a great place to ski and has amazing snow (no night skiing so the grooming goes from 4:30pm until it's perfect).

Hope this helps...

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