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A fun video

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This video was the winner of the competition.One of my instructor friends son is the creator. Just for fun! Watch and enjoy!

Click the box to the left of the little ticket window to get it to play.

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That was cool! Some nice lines in there!
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His kids rock on their skis! Eric broke his back in May doing the tricks off the kickers-he will be ok though-Eric also won the freeride competition!

Thanks for watching!
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Thanks for sharing. The no consequence fall days are great.
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I quite miss bridger. cheers for that.
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Excellent work. Love the animated titles. Wonder how he did that? A little heavy on the slo mo but still tremendous effrot. HARD to get that kind of footage!
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Really nice!
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This is what I like about the Barking Bear
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In some of the early footage it looks like Major Base repair territory:. These guys must have steel bases.
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Now! That was a great Stoke for the end of summer!!!
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great video

Just watched all of the Bridger Videos. Brilliant!
Going to wax my skis NOW.
Cant wait till the snow comes.
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See what I've been telling you guys? Bridger rocks. In more ways than one!

Some absolutely amazing ski footage--I hope we see more of these guys and Eric Newman gets back 100%.

The deep powder sequence must have been shot the day we got 30" unexpectedly--that morning only a handful of us skied. By afternoon and the next day the word got out and the upper mountain was mobbed with powderhounds, but that morning was sublime.

Thanks for posting the stoke, T!
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