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Last Run?

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Slider, you sick, sick, puppy. Did something similar at kirkwood 3 winters ago, not nearly as bad as your clip and it cost me a year of oh so fun rehab. Hope the featured "rider" is functional and ok. Just so you know, every person in my household cringed and howled when they saw it, thanks for the moment, I think.
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Ow! I think my kidney just shut down. What do the new schoolies call that maneuver? Taco John?
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Did that poor guy actually survive?? His entire skeleton probly looked like hamburger! But snowboarders arent dangerous at all... had to beat the dead horse just one more time...

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Joe Snowboarder says: I don't need lessons....
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Just a good Health Policy.
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Maybe it's just me but that looks fake. The guy in the beginning is obviously real but once it switches to the distant view, I think it's a dummy.
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You are part right, it is a dummy start to finish, just look at what he / she has strapped to thier feet! :
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ROFL, but don't be too hard on the snowboarders! It's the perfect tool for surfers who can't ski and skiers who can't surf.
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I've never seen a snowboard free-style event before - did he win?

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